Companies like EPS Security offer a variety of monitoring and protection services to customers — and how much those customers pay for the service is important. One of the reasons this matters so much is because it’s about more than just the money going out. It’s also about the value homeowners are getting for that money, and whether they’re satisfied with that value. Focusing on that can really make a big difference in whether a customer is happy with the service they receive or whether they may want to choose a different company. But how much does EPS Security really cost? And are customers getting good value for that cost? Those are important considerations when choosing a security company.


The Value of EPS Security

For homeowners who are looking for a good value, EPS Security may be just what they need. But not all homeowners will feel that this company is providing them what they want. Some customers may feel like they’re paying too much, and others may feel like they’re getting exactly what they expect.

Most homeowners can expect to pay between $35 and $45 per month for monitoring through EPS Security. That price will depend on the size of the house the customer has, the number of entry points and sensors they need, and whether they need more than the basic monitoring package.

But when it comes to value, the price homeowners pay should be comparable with what they would pay with another company. If customers of EPS Security are paying more than they would with another company, they may not be getting the value they deserve.

Choosing the Right Alarm Company

The right alarm company will provide a good price and plenty of value, so those are both important to consider. Homeowners who are very happy about paying a small amount for their monitoring services may not realize that they aren’t really getting the value they want or deserve. That’s because a low price doesn’t always equal a good value. All it means is a homeowner isn’t paying a lot of money. When they get good value, though, they may pay more — but they also get a lot more for their money. That’s the focus of picking the right company, so they can get as much value as possible.


What To Look for Beyond the Price

There’s more to the issue than price when choosing an alarm company. Homeowners should look for 24/7 monitoring and a fair cost for that, along with:

  • reliable protection
  • high end, quality equipment
  • strong customer service
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times

If a homeowner can get all of those things in one company, that gives them the opportunity to get a higher level of peace of mind and more comfort and safety in their home. They will also worry less about their home’s protection level while they’re away, as well.

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