Reviews of security companies can be a little bit biased, because some people will never leave a positive review if they are happy — but they will certainly leave a negative review if they are upset. In other cases, people are paid to leave reviews for companies. That can muddy the waters about what is true and what isn’t, but it’s generally fairly easy to tell if a review is honest and legitimate. Many reviews are, and reviewing companies like EPS Security can help homeowners decide whether they would like to be a part of that company’s customer base or not. It’s worth seeing what reviews have to say before making a decision on whether to contract with a particular company or not.

Some Customers Really Love EPS Security

With EPS Security, customers report getting the peace of mind they’re actually looking for. They like the security company and what it offers, and they say they feel safe and comfortable knowing that EPS is monitoring them.

Customers of EPS Security seem to appreciate the way the company handles issues, and they like the fact that the company is focused on good customer service.

While this particular company may not be for everyone, it has certainly caught the interest of many of the people who choose it for their monitoring needs. That’s good news for the company, since it helps it grow and develop its customer base. It’s also a valuable way to keep the customers it has, since they don’t want to switch to a different company.

Not Every Homeowner is Happy With Their Service

Of course, there are some complaints about EPS Security, as well. Not every customer is a happy one, but that’s very common with monitored home security services. Most people who are upset with the company complain about the contract and its length, along with the difficulty in canceling that contract if they decide they no longer want to receive services from that company. It’s important to note that contract cancellation is generally a complaint issue for the vast majority of security companies, and these companies are not alone in their issues. Some people have left the company because of contract issues, and others due to concerns over the quality of service.

Choosing a Monitored Home Security Provider

Rather than continue with a company that they don’t like, some homeowners leave and choose to work with a different company. When doing that, they should generally look for:

  • 24/7 monitoring that’s reliable
  • good customer service and fast response times
  • high-end equipment with an easy installation
  • a fair price and good value for the service provided

With so much at stake for any security company, getting good reviews is important. Homeowners go on and read those reviews before they make a decision in a lot of cases, and better reviews can help a company see a higher level of long-term success.

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