EPS Security is an alarm company that was founded in Grand Rapids in 1955. EPS currently employs 88 service vehicles to serve the Grand Rapids area. Despite being a smaller, regional company, EPS charges much more than it should.

EPS has High Upfront Costs

EPS’s up-front costs start at $199. That’s incredibly high. You shouldn’t have to save for 1-2 months to afford a home security system. If you’re looking for a home security system, something has probably happened in your life: a break-in next door, a new baby, a new home. With all of these life events it’s almost impossible to plan for the costs of a home security system. You shouldn’t have to.


To help with this, Protect America offers all of its home security packages with $0 upfront costs. This means that you won’t pay anything for the equipment. At Protect America, we recognized that families were forgoing the protection they needed just because they couldn’t pony up hundreds of dollars for a security system.

EPS has Higher Monthly Costs

Once you’ve paid for your system , you might assume that EPS’s monthly monitoring rates would be cheaper. You would be wrong. EPS’s monthly monitoring rates start at $27/month. This is entirely too expensive.

Protect America’s monthly monitoring rates start at $19.99/month. $7/month might not seem like much, but over the length of your contract, you’ll save $252. On top of the $199 you won’t have to spend in upfront costs, Protect America is clearly the right choice.

And, if EPS decides to charge less, Protect America will match it. Protect America offers a low price guarantee. That means that if you find anyone charging a lower price, we’ll match it. Talk to a security consultant today for more information.

Protect America’s Triple Guarantee

Protect America is committed to providing the best home security to families and homes. To meet this goal, we offer the Protect America Triple Guarantee. You’ve already read about our $0 upfront costs and our low price guarantee. Our third guarantee is our lifetime equipment replacement plan. That’s right! As long as you’re a member of the Protect America family, if anything ever goes wrong with a piece of your home security system, you can turn it in to us and we’ll ship you a replacement part. That’s the best equipment promise in the industry.


How can we help you?

We understand that home security can be a difficult decision. If you need some help, please call our main line to have a free consultation from a security expert.