Approximately 85 percent of burglars enter a residence through a door, so it makes sense that most security solutions tend to focus on doors in one way or another. Monitored home security systems typically attach a sensor to ground level doors that, when activated, send a signal to a central monitoring.

This set up has been the standard solution in the home security industry for decades. However, home security systems do have one glaring error: they don’t stop criminals from entering the home.

Here’s a quick demonstration of just how easy it is for a criminal to kick in your door:

In the fight to actually prevent the bad guys from getting into your home, there’s been very little advancement since the creation of the dead bolt lock… until now.

EZ Armor is a self-installed home security solution that reinforces the structural integrity of your door to prevent anyone from opening it with force. Check out this demonstration video (complete with weird, creepy laugh track):

Just how effective are door jamb systems like EZ Armor? There aren’t many statistics on door jamb security devices but the company that makes EZ Armor, Armor Concepts, offers some compelling anecdotal evidence.

Another study of EZ Armor’s effectiveness was performed on camera by a Memphis news crew. Check out that video below and make your own conclusions:

At this point, it should be obvious that door jamb security solutions don’t offer 100 percent complete protection. The problem? If a burglar gets past a door jamb device, no one outside the house is notified. A door jamb security device is best used with a monitored security system so that, in the event of an emergency, the proper authorities can be notified.