For most, there is little they would not do to keep their family, home, and property protected. Whether it is fire, flooding, or criminal activity a reliable security system can be the difference between tragedy and triumph.

Still on the fence about whether a home security system is worth the investment? Check out Home Security Systems: Pros & Cons for more information.

With an understanding of the need for a security system, the next question is “which one?” Among the multitude of options available for home security is EZVIZ Security Systems. It is available through their website or via distributors on sites like Amazon.

Is EZVIZ the best option out there? Read on to find out more.


Who is EZVIZ Security Systems?

EZVIZ Security Systems are the branch of Hikvision – a global manufacturer of video surveillance devices – that serves the residential security market. It is EZVIZ that brings the fascinating technology of Hikvision devices to consumers and the smart home market.

Although EZVIZ is not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business, they do have a file on the company. This file contains four complaints against EZVIZ with no resolution from the company themselves. This leaves EZVIZ with an “F” rating. This is highly unusual as almost every company addresses complaints filed with the BBB and that alone will raise them out of the bottom of their rating scale.

What Options Does EZVIZ Offer?

The main offering of EZVIZ is it’s “Home Sense Alarm Kit.” This kit contains:

  • An Alarm Hub
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • PIR Motion Detector that is immune to pets under 50 pounds
  • 4 magnetic door and/or window contacts
  • Siren with a strobe light

In addition to this basic kit, there are add-on features available to the EZVIZ Security System. These add-ons include cameras, smart home features, and more.

Camera Options

The Mini Trooper HD Security Camera appears to be one of EZVIZ’s flagship add-on cameras. This little camera is wireless and weatherproof which means it can go nearly anywhere. Other features include:

  • Wi-Fi Setup
  • Audio recording
  • High dynamic algorithm video technology
  • Battery life up to nine months
  • Night vision
  • Motion sensors and alerts
  • Local storage with a MicroSD card (not included)

There are several other wired and wireless Wi-Fi camera options as well, both indoor and outdoor. Other outdoor cameras offered with the EZVIZ system include the ezGuard, Husky, and Husky Dome. Furthermore, wired indoor cameras such as the EZ360, Mini 360 Plus, Mini Plus, Mini O, and ez360Pan are available. In fact, entire wired systems are available.

Monitoring Options

One of the bragging points of the EZVIZ system is its free downloadable app that allows for viewing of live feeds and alerts anywhere an android or iPhone can be found. While this is a nice feature, having a professionally monitored system provides the security without the need to keep an eye on things oneself.

EZVIZ currently offers only self-monitoring. To better understand the importance of having your security system professionally monitored, check out Importance of Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems. As the Protect America web site says:

“With a property crime occurring every 3.7 seconds, it’s important to know that you are 33% less likely to be broken into with a home security system.”


Having a home security system that is reliable is important. Further, a monitored system allows your home to be protected even while you relax on vacation, while at work, or anywhere else.

While EZVIZ Security Systems offer to protect your home and belongings, it still leaves the monitoring to you. Protect America – on the other hand – offers reliable 24/7 professional monitoring that is backed by an A- rating from the BBB.

With friendly helpful customer service reps who are knowledgeable about home security, Protect America received nearly four out of five stars in its composite score. They have proven to be reliable and stalwart regarding the security of homes, property, and family.


There are many reasons why Protect America is a wise choice. Among them are:

  • No Installation Fees – not now not ever!
  • Dependable 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Easy to operate affordable home security for as little as $30 per month
  • Free equipment with a value of as much as $1,400
  • Locked-in Rate: A unique element in the home security industry
  • Price match guarantee: If there is a better deal for your needs, Protect America will match it!
  • Consumers Digest Best Buy winner nine times!

Interested in protecting the important parts of life with a monitored? Protect America gives free quotes.