FE Moran Security provides home and business security services, including intrusion detection, monitored smoke detection, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Basic security solutions include a control panel, three door sensors, and a motion detector, in addition to a key pad and key fob. Though the security system is not overly expensive, there are some downsides that a customer may want to be wary of.

FE moran security prices

Customers May Have to Pay Hidden Fees

FE Moran Security does not publish their security system fees. However, it is known that there are hidden fees. For instance, the system only has a warranty for the first 90 days, after which the parts and labor are no longer guaranteed. Customers who want an extended warranty need to pay an extra $10 a month. For many customers, this may not be worth it.

Most other competitive security companies do not require that customers pay additional fees for warranties. Instead, systems are repaired and maintained through the life of the customer’s contract. Thus, those who sign up for FE Moran Security are likely to end up paying more than others for cost and labor.

Possibly the Most Expensive Company

Over the length of a contract, it’s estimated that FE Moran will cost about $42.99 a month, potentially more with the warranty. This is nearly double the average cost of a security solution and is more than double the cost of a Protect America solution.  As an example, Protect America offers a free lifetime warranty.

Don’t put [too] many task[s] on your employees, if you do that they cannot provide good customer service.

Reviews online state that FE Moran:

  • Is experiencing growing pains associated with being a new and unstable company.
  • Is experiencing widespread layoffs as the company is forced to downsize.
  • Is offering low pay and very poor advancement potential.

All of this paints the picture of a fairly new company to the industry that hasn’t quite gotten a handle on the services that it must render nor the costs of those services.

FE Moran Security

FE Moran Security may be, in all respects, a good security company — but it’s impossible to recommend it because of their staggeringly high prices. Moreover, because the company is so new, it’s impossible to tell whether the company will be able to continue its operations or whether it will eventually close down.

Those who want a security solution that will be stable, reliable, and — most of all — affordable should contact Protect America for information about their options.