First Alarm is a West Coast based home security company that only serves the area of Northern California. They have been in business for about 50 years and continues to serve homeowners and businesses. While they have a very limited service range, there are more aspects than service that could discourage customers from opting for their services. High up-front costs, higher monitoring rates, billing issues and poor customer service place this company low on the list of home security companies that can help you safeguard your home.


High Up-Front Costs

First Alarm charges an average of $500 for up-front costs. This could include activation, equipment and installation fees. In addition to the $500 in up-front costs, you’ll be paying a minimum of $39 a month for their basic security plan. This is almost twice as much as the base security plan offered by Protect America. After your 36-month contract with First Alarm is finished, you will have paid almost $2000 out-of-pocket – and that is only if you do not upgrade with additional equipment.

At Protect America you can get 24/7 monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month. We give out free equipment with purchase of monthly monitoring and installation is easy, DIY and free! Consider the more affordable security option. You can protect your home and your wallet with Protect America. 

Poor Customer Service

A number of individuals have had poor experiences with First Alarm’s customer service employees. Perhaps a poor review every now and then could be a result of a certain individual not representing the company as they should be doing. However, there are more than just a few unsatisfied customers reviewing First Alarm. They all seem particularly unhappy with the customer service representatives. Here is an example of a customer who experienced poor service:

Their customer service is BAD! They treat you as if you are not important enough to get back with you when there are issues.

And another customer who had similar issues:

I did not receive a single response back and after a 6 month period, received another improper bill where I called and was finally able to speak to a manager. No stars for their poor service.

According to a survey, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. Customer service is a highly important part of every business, large or small. Companies that are unable or unwilling to properly service their customers stand to lose the customers’ business. Consider choosing a more reliable home security company.

Protect America is always here to provide you with excellent customer service. Our customer support staff is specially trained to help you with any issue concerning your home security alarm system. Protect America’s CARE team is also available online during normal business hours to chat with you and answer any questions or problems you may have. Its the same great service and advice, just without the extra phone call.


Your Solution

Deciding on home security is a big decision. The standard length of a home security contract is around 36 months, and over that time paying too much for home security can really add up. That is why Protect America keeps our prices affordable, making sure that you get the best deal from beginning to end.