In the constant search to improve home security, property owners around the country are always looking for a way to get ahead. There are countless home security companies in business nowadays that are all vying for the same consumer base, yet something has to set them apart. Today, the discussion will be centered around a popular home security provider by the name of First Alert. First Alert has been one of the big names in home security for years and so it only makes sense that a deep look into the pros and cons of their security system is fitting to fight back against the prevailing property crimes of today.


First Alert Home Security – a Brief Overview.

When looking for a home security system, customers are no doubt going to find themselves reading about First Alert. First Alert has been a player in the realm of home security for the better part of the past twenty years. With that being said, they still aren’t among the first tier of security systems that people end up looking at because companies like Vivint, Protect America, and ADT are all so popular still. With that being said, First Alert has a lot to offer consumers that are looking to rig up a technologically advanced home security system that is still affordable and easy to install.

First Alert was established in 1997  outside of Aurora, IL. The company originally started by  manufacturing household alarm systems such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms before moving into full-service security systems.

The first thing to know about First Alert is that they offer a truly full-service security system that aims to address every important aspect of protecting a piece of property. Whether the consumer is looking for protection for a business or residential home, the First Alert security system will be elaborate and far-reaching enough to adequately cover all major threats. Here are a few aspects of the First Alert home security system to be aware of.

  • Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Escape Ladders
  • Water Alarms
  • Security Cameras

First Alert is like many other of the security system companies currently dominating the marketplace in that they offer a wide variety of techno gadgets to install into a home for security purposes. Now that we understand a little bit more about what the company offers, we can look closer at the benefits and negatives of the company itself as well as their security system options.

Pros & Cons of the First Alert Security System.

Alright, now that we know a little bit more about the structure of how First Alert offers their home security services, a closer look at what is actually available can be undertaken. First Alert is like any other home security system provider in that they provide a fully functioning security system. Like any other security system on the market, First Alert focuses on building outwards from their network of HD security cameras attached to  DVD recording station. From there, First Alert puts customers at ease by offering motion detectors, mobile sensors, floodlights, and combo alarms for the detection of other problems such as fire, C02, and water damage.

The benefits of a First Alert system come primarily from the fact that First Alert is a tier 1 company that offers great product warranties to go along with their expansive library of options. Another benefit of pursuing a First Alert security system is that they are very easy to customize for the specific needs of the consumer, rather than relying on the one size fits all approach that so many other companies are looking to take advantage of.

As far as negatives go, First Alert struggles with their pricing and can often be seen as higher than usual in comparison to other premium home security options. First Alert also struggles with how they distribute their products, leaning mostly on dealers to sell their products rather than direct selling to consumers.

Finding Affordable and Valuable Home Security.

While First Alert is impressive in a number of different ways, no company does home security better than Protect America. At Protect America, consumers can find the perfect home security system tailored to their exact needs with nothing more than a single phone call to get them there.