Having a home with a safe environment is imperative to protect your property, belongings, and loved ones. With more than 2.5 million burglaries occurring annually throughout the United States, investing in a home security system has become a top priority for millions of Americans. If you are thinking of choosing First American as your home security warranty provider, review the features and benefits the company has to offer before making a decision and long-term investment for your future.


Homes that do not have a security system in place are 300% more likely to become the target of a burglar or malicious criminal.

Features of First American Home Security Warranties

1st American offers a wide selection of warranty options, from protecting your home’s computers and electronics to your home security system. When you have a warranty to protect your home security system, take comfort in protecting your investment for an extended period of time. Before you choose to work with 1st American to obtain a warranty for your home’s security system, review your current policy from the security company of your choice. Many home security companies provide extensive support and the ability to replace faulty or broken equipment without additional costs to you.

Cover Your Entire Home

1st American specializes in providing entire home warranties to cover all of your property and personal belongings. If you are interested in purchasing a warranty for more than your current home security system, 1st American may be an optimal choice. With 1st American, customers can expect to pay anywhere from $288 to $468 each 30-day period for full coverage. An additional deductible is often required, which is why it is essential to determine your warranty needs before moving forward. If you already have a warranty available with your home security company, an alternative solution is highly recommended to save on unnecessary costs.

Choosing a Monitored Home Security Company

With the right monitored home security company, avoid the burden of purchasing new equipment if your system experiences difficulties or if your equipment is broken altogether. Before choosing a home security company that is right for you, inquire about warranty options and fees for replacing cameras, sensors, and other security sensors whenever you are in need. Some companies are willing to accommodate customers immediately without additional charges, whereas others may require you to pay additional fees or repurchase your equipment at the full retail price. Before choosing a monitored home security company, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What installation costs are required? Are you able to install your home’s security equipment without the help of a professional?
  • Does your home security provider offer security cameras, accessories, and additional equipment at no cost to you?
  • What plans do you have to choose from, and is there flexibility and choice?
  • How much are you expected to pay monthly for 24//7 monitoring services?


Protect America is the country’s 16th largest home security provider and nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner, making it a leading choice for families across the US. With Protect America, enjoy the luxury of no installation or equipment fees with low monthly payments starting at just $30. Pick and choose the right security equipment using existing bundles and plans or work with a representative of Protect America to develop a fully-customized solution that works for your family and household needs.

Are you ready to move forward with a home security system you can trust and rely on for years to come? Contact Protect America for more information regarding our equipment, plans, and to get your free quote today.