Fleenor Security Solutions is a highly rated security system that nevertheless has some extremely high prices. These high prices have not changed over the last few years, which means that, though the product itself is good it may not be worth the cost. It does appear to be a mostly reliable service and most of its customers seem to be pleased by everything except for the high upfront costs and long contracts. 


Fleenor Security Systems

Fleenor Security is a residential and commercial security solution that offers:

  • Smart Home Security
  • Fire Protection
  • Central Vacuum
  • Camera Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Local Central Station Monitoring

They are an extensive company that has been operating since the early 1970’s. 

Reviews for Fleenor Security

Overall, the company appears to be fairly consistent in the delivery of their actual service. But there are some negatives that have been noted throughout online reviews. Fleenor tends to be fairly vague about their products and services until a quote is requested, which makes it easy for them to send different types of quotes to different customers. Because there isn’t a lot of information about their products on their website, it’s difficult for customers to compare their hardware with the hardware of other solutions. 

Reviews of their business online indicates that employees find it a difficult place to work for and that technicians are penalized for even small mistakes; this could mean that security systems are created to exacting standards, or it could simply mean that technicians are overworked and therefore more likely to make mistakes. With low marks for compensation, job security, and management, it’s possible that security systems may be installed by technicians who are less than happy to be working for the business.


Price is the Killer

When it comes to Fleenor Home Security, it appears that price is the killer factor. The security solutions provided through Fleenor appear to be standard throughout the security system, but Fleenor places their pricing quotes close to the vest and emphasizes a need for customers to invest in their systems. 

To get a home security system from Fleenor, you must be willing to spend about $600 for the initial start up equipment, activation and installation

Fleenor Security is a major and leading security company that nevertheless has some issues when it comes to pricing. With low reviews from current employees and some concerns regarding their average costs, they may not be the most attractive option for those looking for an excellent all around system. For more information, contact the experts at Protect America.