Home security cameras from FLIR are some of the most robust products in home security for the money. Not all of their products are the best, but there is a good range of products available from this experienced maker of residential security products. Below is a list of cameras from FLIR and what their features are, including price tag.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. – Jodi Rell

Available Cameras from FLIR

FLIR has a number of available security camera products within their line of gear for home security.


The HD WIFI Security Camera

Home Monitoring Camera is available for $149.99. The FLIR Secure HD WiFi Security Camera allows you to monitor activity through a stream. According to FLIR, it is the world’s most dependable home security camera. FLIR says it is designed to monitor things that matter most live. Another camera available from FLIR is the HD Home Security Camera with Wireless Wifi Monitoring called FLIR FX.


FLIR FX is an HD WIFI security and home monitoring camera available for $139.99. This one is a premium HD home security camera. FLIR says it connects you to the things and people that matter the most to you. With this camera, you can watch your children play, monitor pet behavior or check on elderly relatives. Rediscover your home’s sense of peace with the most versatile wireless HD camera on the market.

FLIR Outdoor WiFi security camera

The FLIR Outdoor WiFi security camera is also available for around $250. The Outdoor WIFI camera FLIR FX is great for outdoor use. It has a weatherproof housing. It also has extended night vision range. Another WiFi Home Monitoring Camera is available for $139.99 It streams and records clear HD video. There are a number of free apps that can be used for two-way talk. There are sensors for temperature, sound and even motion, according to FLIR. FLIR also sells two packs for around $400 for its outdoor cameras and around $250 for its indoor cameras. An indoor/outdoor camera is around $370. The indoor/outdoor two pack costs around $700. Some of these cameras include cloud recording too.

Best Cameras from FLIR

The best home security cameras from FLIR are those that cost a bit more than the entry level ones. The features such as cloud recording, WIFI, motion detection and night vision are available for their more premium models of home security cameras. Examples include the 4MP Super HD Home Security Camera with Wireless Wifi Monitoring – FLIR FXCOutdoor WiFi Camera with Cloud Recording (2-pack), and FLIR FX series of cameras.


If you are looking for cameras that were designed for quality and home security in mind, then choosing any one of these FLIR cameras should do the job just fine. FLIR has been making good quality cameras that have been used by security professionals for many years and have been working on improvement of their designs and features over the last few years to stay ahead of the curve.

There are many other brands to consider but FLIR provides professional level security features at lower costs than other products available on the market for home security. If you need help setting up one of these residential security products, don’t hesitate to call Protect America.

Other Considerations

Always look at online reviews of cameras before you buy. There are many reviews available online for FLIR products. Make sure to do thorough research to find the product that both meets your security needs but also your budget. Compare the FLIR products with other pro security products available to make a wise purchase decision. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.