Fluent Home, the Canadian based provider of home automation and home security systems, recently announced the release of six fresh products crafted to assimilate with the current Fluent Home Smart Security System seamlessly.


New Products

The new product offerings from Fluent Home include:

  • Arlo 100% Wireless HD Video
  • Router Limits Internet Controls
  • Rachio Automated Sprinklers
  • 2GIG Automated LED Light Bulbs
  • 2GIG Automated Light Switch
  • Amazon Echo Voice Control

With the arrival of the six fresh faces to the Fluent product lineup, customers can now control a far more inclusive array of household electronics from a central, in-home panel and smartphone app. Three of the more standout household devices include, but are not limited to: sprinkler systems, exterior lighting and interior lighting. The addition of the six new devices and the correlating appliances they control are designed to be effortless and user intuitive.

Through the combination of Fluent Home’s unrivaled customer support and installation process, customers will have the new additions up and running in no time with little to no learning curve–even for those of a less tech-savvy mindset.


Fluent Home Background

Fluent Home is a leading Canadian based provider of smart home and security alarm products catering to business-to-business and business-to-customer audiences alike across North America. Through the smartphone based Fluent smart home app, homeowners and business owners can monitor and control their thermostat, entryways, lighting and view live video feed(s). Fluent Home monitors all customer properties around the clock. While Fluent Home is unranked on the Consumer Advocate Top 10 Security Systems for 2018, Protect America ranks 3rd overall.

A Better Option

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