Fluent home security is the largest private dealer in Canada and they are growing in the United States. They were originally known as Titan Alarm and they’ve only been around since 2010, so the company is fairly new to the home security market.

The company is very inclusive in its offerings and they are one of the few providers that is capable of servicing in rural areas. With so many options on the market, how does this newer company stack up against the competition?


The Specs

Fluent provides an all-in-one home automation service. They have options for wireless connectivity and automated control, including live video monitoring and recording, VGA, motion sensing, night vision, and indoor or outdoor camera options.

They’re 24/7 monitoring ensures that professionals will respond to your home in case of an emergency, and the automated energy system can save you money and energy via a HVAC system that monitors heating and cooling, and sets up schedules and timers.

Fluent offers door sensor, motion detectors, smoke and heat sensors, glass break sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, thermostat, flood sensor, WiFi connected cameras, a central control panel, mobile app, automatic door locks, lamp control module, 2-way panel communication, medical pendant, key fob, garage door sensor, IP video camera, and an HD doorbell camera. With Fluent you are also able to view and control door locks remotely.

Systems can be customized, so you can add or decline options that you don’t deem necessary. The mobile app and video streaming combined with professional monitoring are important features that many home security options don’t combine in the current market, so Fluent is ahead in this regard. 


Fluent, Not Advanced

The problems with Fluent are pricing, location, and history.

The company does offer a lot of options and useful services when it comes to home security, but they are each individually expensive, and after combing them into a home security package you’ll really have stacked up the price.

A single door/window sensor is $99, monitoring is $49.99 a month, video surveillance costs $34.99, home automation costs $69.99 (though the price will drop to $38 after insurance discounts and energy savings), and this doesn’t include any additional cameras, sensors, and other tools that you may combine.

These are high prices, especially considering that Fluent is not the most reputable company on the market. They are fairly young and unproven and they have a D- from the Better Business Bureau. Most complaints are regarding their history of poor customer service. (On the plus side, they do say they will provide free monitoring if there ever is an issue and the monitoring will remain free until the issue is resolved.)

Though Fluent has everything you would need with home security and the benefit of monitoring services in rural areas, we recommend that you opt for a home security company that is less expensive and more known in the industry. Poor reviews and a D- minus from the Better Business Bureau is not an encouraging sign for a young company that is trying to make their name in the industry and the United States.