Sitting down in front of the evening news can no doubt be a scary experience. Seeing reports of homes and businesses being broken into can give most homeowners pause. After all, break-ins are incredibly common throughout the United States and they seem to only be happening more and more. Scare tactics should never drive a person to act, however when it comes to protecting their investments and their families it may be worth using fear to take preemptive action. Today, we’re going to discuss how a healthy fear for home security combined with the services of Fortress Home Security can lead to an ideal partnership and a protected home.


Securing Your Home The Right Way With Complete Home Security

We begin our investigation of the benefits of Fortress security by looking at what the company has been about for the duration of their time since being established. Fortress Home Security isn’t one of the most common names in the security system world, that title belongs to companies like ADT and Protect America, but they’ve certainly developed a reputation as a reliable security company for people looking for an affordable alternative.

Fortress security is all about putting control into the hands of the homeowner. Fortress Home Security is a DIY security monitoring system for homes and companies big and small. Fortress is not as exhaustive as other options on this list, but their flexibility makes them competitive in the market nonetheless.

Fortress Home Security offers many of the same components of a conventional system that customers have come to expect. One of the biggest calling cards for Fortress security is their ability to offer a more DIY-oriented security system setup. Fortress Security is looking to maintain competitive in the crowded and expensive market by undercutting the price and offerings of other elements within the field. Does this mean that they are effective? That’s our next focus for discussion.

Fortress Home Security: An Underdog In Home Security Systems

When looking for a home security system, customers are going to be focused on a few key aspects. In short, customers want to know that their security company offers everything that they could need in order to keep themselves safe while reducing the risk of a break-in or other criminal activity. Expectations mean that Fortress Security has had to up their game and offer a complete setup of products which includes:

  • Entry Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Glass Breaking Sensors
  • Wall Mounted Panic Buttons
  • Security Cameras

While these are the core components of just about every single security system on the market, there are some key differences that sets Fortress Security apart from the other more prominent companies. For one, Fortress Security does not offer professional monitoring services at this time — though that could change in the near future. Secondly, Fortress Security makes up for their lack of professional monitoring by offering extensive systems that are extremely flexible and easy to rig up — thus the DIY moniker.

Fortress Security offers landline, cellular, and wireless security systems and we have to expect that they’ll be taking advantage of more modern networks like Z-Wave and Zigbee here in the future. Outside of discussions on their network, we also want to make sure that we talk about how easy and affordable their complete systems are. Fortress Security’s ‘big package’ is the SO2 Security System which is built all around a single wall mounted control panel that networks the entire system. The SO2 panel allows up to an impressive 99 sensors and 32 wireless zones to be rigged together, including an additional 7 hardwired zones. This kind of flexibility is alluring at an affordable price point.


Secure Your Home With Protect America

While we like how Fortress Security offers customers a hands-off DIY approach — it isn’t entirely for us. We admire the way that Protect America has been able to offer professional monitoring services with high-quality equipment at an affordable price without ever sacrificing their quality. Protect America is the perfect place to start for a complete home security system for a home, business, or other sorts of property. Consultations and estimates are free at Protect America, so get shopping!