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The word “free” is a tricky balance. People want the best that everything has to offer, but they do not want have to drain their bank account just to get it. On the other hand, free is not always a good thing. Sometimes, free leads to things in low quality. In fact, there are some things that should never be free. Things that involve people’s health and safety fall under this category. Naturally, home security would apply. But what if money is tight and safety is a top priority? Believe it or not there is home security for free. How is this even possible? Protect America sat down and took the chance to look through these free home security systems. They narrowed down their choices down to five. The best they could find was through the apps over the smart phone. After all, Jodi Rell once said,

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”


Best Free Security Options

  • Ivideon
  • ADT Pulse app
  • Reolink
  • Vivint Sky App
  • Video Monitor


Ivideon started back in 2010. Their app of choice is simply known as Ivideon. The user has the capability of sending an audio back via online with it. Live streaming can be used from any device on the internet. The app is perfect for the Android phone. The home owner can save and recover data with the cloud. Even if the intruders break the security tapes, the Ivideon still works. The pros are the home owner can watch live streams over web and any devices, send audio back online, and save data on cloud storage. The cons are no Linux client and occasional app shut down.

ADT Pulse App

ADT is one of the top security companies in thirty-five countries. They have been around since 1874. Their app of choice is the ADT Pulse app. This one is user friendly and really smooth. The user can turn on the system before they leave the house, receive alerts, and control the lights and small appliances. This app is available for iOS and Android. The pros are clean display, high app ratings, voice recognition, cameras, automation available, other information regarding users area, manage users easily, connects with Nest thermostat, and connects with Ring doorbell cameras. The cons are that it can be slow to respond and the home owner must be a customer.


Reolink has been around since 2009. Their app of choice is the Reolink. It works with the company’s cameras with no configurations needed. People can watch their homes on their phones anytime, anywhere. The app can be found on Google Play. The pros are five megapixels or four megapixels super HD, great night vision, up to 190 feet, easy setup with zero configurations, user friendly interface, motion-detection trigger alerts, and anywhere access, including remote access and local access. The con is only work with its cameras and security systems.

Vivint Sky App

Vivint first started in 1997 under the name of APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. They later re-branded themselves as Vivint in 2011. Their app of choice is the Vivint Sky App. It is quick to load and gives notifications instantly when any sensors are triggered. Every five minutes, live dashboard feed of security cameras loads quickly and updates with pictures taken. If something like an unknown car or person is seen on a picture, users can click on that and load the live feed. To go back in time on a security camera, just simply drag and drop. The pros are user functionality 4.5 of 5, add / remove users easily, full smart home integration, connect to smart thermostat, smooth control, continual updates, different amounts of notifications users can opt in or out of, 14,000 five star reviews, great customer support, control door locks, and garage awareness.

Video Monitor

TrackView and Cybrook Inc. first formed in 2015. Their app of choice is called Video Monitor. The simple interface is easy on the eyes. Android users will find this app user friendly and will find it easy to implement video surveillance, tracking GPS location and event detection. The pros are motion detection and notify through email and GPS location tracking. The cons are the app will shut down occasionally and it is also slow at startup.

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