Front home security is a term that refers to securing the front of your home against burglary. Most people don’t realize that this is a common entry point for thieves. While there are some things people think of frequently, not installing glass next to doors, there are other things you might not have realized just yet. These are three things you might not have thought of that can help you secure the front of your home by making it unattractive to thieves.


1. Give No Quarter by Eliminating Blind Spots

By this, we mean shadows. Thieves don’t really want others to see what they’re doing. It makes it far less likely they’ll succeed. Life Hacker suggests doing this by avoiding “tall/thick shrubs around your windows and doors.” And goes on to suggest you avoid installing privacy fences as well – as this affords them the perfect privacy they need to do their deeds.

2. Shine a Little Light on the Situation

Or a lot, as the case may be. Keep your porch light on when you’re not home and consider installing several bright motion sensor lights on the outside of your home. You want to light up your lawn so bright an airplane could land on it if someone is walking across your yard. Again, this is about making your home an unattractive target. While you don’t want to wish harm on your neighbor, you certainly want their home to be more attractive to thieves than yours.

3. Install a Monitored Home Security System

According to a survey of convicted thieves, 60 percent of them admit that the presence of a home security system has influenced them to select different homes to rob. It’s a huge step in the right direction to have a security system for your home and an even bigger one when that system is monitored.

It might not seem like a major deterrent to have a security system in your home, but the results speak for themselves.

How big of a difference can it really make?

Even if it doesn’t deter thefts altogether, the New York Times reports that the average loss in a robbery involving a home with a security system is $3,266 compared with $5,343 involving homes that do not have security systems. That’s a difference of more than $2,000 per incident and doesn’t even include the reduced likelihood that your home will be targeted at all simply because you have a security system in place.


Why Protect Your Home with a Protect America Security System?

Home security is something you can’t afford not to take seriously. Whether you live home alone or have a family, your home is your harbor from the chaos of the world around you. When someone comes into your home and takes your possessions it is a violation that shakes you to your core. Protecting your sanctuary with a Protect America home security system helps you make your home a less attractive target. Here’s what we have to offer you:

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