Frontline is a locally owned security company operating exclusively in the Mississippi and Alabama areas. Started back in 2001, they provide 24-hour monitoring and security equipment as well as consultation.

Their basic philosophy as a company is to bring together their local community by protecting them and offering better because they are your neighbors. They also claim that while bigger security companies don’t like them encroaching on their turf, that it would be a mistake to underestimate the unity and loyalty they provide.


Their Mission and Promise

Their basic goal is to provide customer service on par with any larger company in the nation. They also intend to help improve local communities by getting involved and being a positive influence. They also aim to treat clients as part of their family and nourish a long relationship inside and outside business related transactions.

Packages and Products

They have two basic packages one for home security for $20 a month and another slightly more expensive package for businesses which is $25 a month. Each package comes with $350 of equipment and installation, but the business package is more expensive probably for insurance reasons. With the basic packages you will get:

  • $350 Equipment and Installation
  • 24/7 System Alarm Monitoring
  • 1 Honeywell Vista 15P Panel
  • 1 Motion Sensor/Detector
  • 3 Door/Window sensors
  • 1 LCD Touch Keypad
  • 1 High-Decibel Siren
  • 1 Frontline Yard Sign
  • Priority Support

Medial Alerts

They also have a lot of add-ons that you can include in your package, but keep in mind some of the add-ons will increase your monthly bill. They do provide medical alert pendants, so if you have an emergency situation and have no way to reach help you can press the panic button to get help.

Fire & CO Detection

You can also add smoke and carbon monoxide detection that will integrate with your security equipment. This can be a great addition because it will alert you if the system cannot connect to the sensors so you will never be left in the dark whether your smoke detectors are working or not.

Video Monitoring

They do have a video recording and monitoring option for homes and businesses. Video surveillance is one of the best deterrents for crime. Not only will the cameras likely prevent the crime from occurring in the first place, but if they do occur you have a large chance of getting what you lost back or at least catching whoever did it.

Drawbacks to Frontline

Having to pay more each month just because you’re running security on your business instead of your home is a definite drawback if you’re planning on getting security on your business. Being a smaller company, they probably can’t handle the potential liability they might receive if a business loses a lot of money due to a failure in their equipment.

Another drawback is the complete lack of information on their services. They say that their customer service is really good, but you won’t know until you are actually locked into a contract with them if this is actually true. Plus, since they are such a small company, what happens if you have all of this equipment hard wired into your house and they go out of business? Companies like Protect America have kept up with the latest technology trends and upgraded all of their equipment to wireless protocols, that way you can install it yourself and move the equipment yourself if you need to move to another state. If you move outside of Alabama or Mississippi with Front Line then not only can you not easily remove your equipment, but they won’t even cover you in your new location!


Better Security With Protect America

There are a lot of advantages going with a larger company like Protect America. Not only can you move your security equipment with you, but you know the company isn’t going anywhere. With Front Point you get $350 of free equipment and free installation, which sounds good, but with Protect America you get up to $1400 of free equipment that you can easily install yourself and their basic package is even cheaper than Front Points. Not to mention they won’t charge you extra just because you’re installing it in a business. Get a free quote with Protect America today!