FrontPoint is a home security company that formed in 2007. They sell wireless and cellular monitoring to homeowners in the United States and Canada. FrontPoint offers four home security packages. That being said, keep in mind that FrontPoint is not invested in your safety for the long haul.

They only offer a two-year warranty, which isn’t even enough to cover their three-year contract. Consider other options like Protect America, where a lifetime warranty is guaranteed. There are very few negative customer reviews against FrontPoint security, but this is due to the fact that they can sell your contract to another security company after two-years.

How reliable is FrontPoint?

When your system crashes or something goes wrong and you decide to write a negative customer review – it won’t be about FrontPoint. Technically, they sold your contract to another company, and your review will be filed with your new contract owners instead of FrontPoint. It’s easy to maintain a good relationship for a short amount of time, but buying into a home security company that isn’t invested in your long-term security is dangerous. They do have a customer portal on their website call my Frontpoint, but you cant really use it to get help. An upset customer from earlier this year stated,

They are good… until there’s a problem.

A few recent complaints have been filed against FrontPoint for faulty equipment and slow response times. This customer stated,

“It doesn’t work. I purchased the system and had to return it within two weeks because my alarm went off several times a day, everyday. Every time it went off it was their fault. I spent 5 to 6 full days on the phone with their support team trying my best to get it to work.”

Spot protection versus perimeter protection

Even with the “enhanced” package, FrontPoint only includes two door/window sensors. Does your house have more than one door and window? If so, you’re going to need additional motion sensors that will cost you in accumulation to upfront installation, activation and monthly monitoring fees.

If you want to add 10 window/door sensors to their package, you would be paying approximately $429.85 out of pocket. FrontPoint’s discount for signing a 36-month agreement isn’t even enough to cover their basic package equipment fees. When you choose Protect America, you’ll be provided with enough door and window sensors to cover the perimeter of your entire house free of cost. Even Protect America’s base package includes more window/door sensors than FrontPoint’s “ultimate” package. Having your home protected at each of its entry points is a much higher level of security than simply protecting the two most obvious entrances.

Cost considerations

Keep in mind that FrontPoint charges $34.99 for even their cheapest package plus an up-front cost of $99.95 (not including additional equipment.) For a more affordable home security system that values your long-term security needs, consider Protect America. At Protect America, there are no up-front costs, and base packages start at $19.99almost half as much as FrontPoint security prices. A recent complaint voiced,

This company has high monitoring fees and should be avoided.

With only seven years in the industry, it’s hard to build a solid track record that holds up next to more experienced home security companies – especially considering FrontPoint’s lack of investment in your life. Keep in mind: as soon as your warranty expires, so does their value to you as a consumer.