The Gate Smart Lock took the idea of a smart lock and combined it with the ever-growing popular video doorbell to create a hybrid home security device. This smart lock was designed for monitoring and even interacting with front door visitors.


It’s able to record clips of who is at your door and even give you a chance to talk with them before opening it. This expensive lock connects with your home’s Wi-Fi which gives you access from anyplace. It also offers traditional keyed or keyless entry as well as any planned visitor access. Unfortunately, the Gate Smart Lock is still far from perfect at this point and lacks some key features such as integration with other devices, Alexa support, Google Assistant, geofencing or voice commands.

Aesthetic & Installation

The Gate Smart Lock comes dressed in brushed aluminum with an illuminated keypad that makes it look like an advanced piece of home technology rather than security. The front shield is roughly 3.5 inches wide with 0-9 number keys on the keypad. It also has a classic lock for regular keys as well as a doorbell key that sends an alarm to your smartphone when pushed. At the top of the smart lock is a 720p camera with a 150-degree field of view for monitoring.  Just in case you aren’t constantly monitoring the camera from your phone, there’s a motion sensor that triggers the camera to start recording when activated and a built-in speaker that allows you to talk with guests before opening the door.

The Gate Smart Lock is surprisingly simple to install. You don’t even need to worry about rewiring any cables as it is ready to go once the deadbolt is fitted on the door and screwed in. iPhone users can expect an installation process of about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, Android users may not have an equally simple experiencing setting up their Gate Smart Lock as the app doesn’t function quite as well as on Apple products. Something that Gate hopefully addresses in the near future.


During a time of extreme technological advancements in home security, the Gate Smart Lock does little to standout as there are several categories of execution that Gate falls behind on. Using the Gate app, you can monitor and communicate with victors from your smartphone regardless of where you are. There is even an auto-lock feature that will lock your door based on a timer as well as an activity log. While these functions are very useful, the camera unfortunately suffers from over-exposure which greatly diminishes the image quality. With much better video doorbell image quality on the market, the high price tag of the Gate Smart Lock seems excessive with such a heavy fish-eye effect.


An even bigger issue with the Gate Smart Lock however is the poor quality of the two-way audio. The speaker itself is staticky, quiet and comparable to a broken fast-food drive through speaker. While visitors will have difficulty making out what you are saying, you will also have a hard time understanding what they are saying with the excessive audio lag. To make matters worse, an $80 yearly subscription is required to enjoy all the features of the Gate Smart Lock. These features include scheduled access as well as 30-days of video history and sharing. The free service unfortunately does not include any video history.


While the hybrid home security idea of the Gate Smart Lock was admirable, it has unfortunately been disappointing in its initial release. Although it looks excellent and is very simple to install and set up, at least for iPhone users, its many flaws are too glaring to overlook. The concept of combining a smart lock and a video doorbell is the obvious next step in front door home security but unfortunately Gate failed to perform at either feature properly. The $349 Gate Smart Lock is an expensive home security device with poor image quality and unreliable audio that doesn’t hold up to the competition.

Better Option

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