General Electric is known for making several technical items for the home. Most people already have a stove, fridge, dishwasher, or even just a simple light-bulb in their house with the GE brand on it.  They also make components for home security although they do not provide the monitoring service itself.


Security systems installed in homes within the last 20 years most likely used GE equipment — whether or not the customers were aware of it. Both them and their main competitor, Honeywell, supply several home security companies with equipment for their customers.

General Electric Security

As with any home security system, there are three key elements that should be evaluated.

  • Price — How much does it cost to install and operate the system?
  • Dependability — How reliable is the system?
  • Security — How easy is it for somebody to bypass the security system?

To that end, this is how GE Home Security measures up.

Security of GE Home Security Components

General Electric (GE) is known for making reliable appliances and electronics. Their home security items are no different. All of them were the top of the line when they were made. However, since GE has not made any security items since 2016, those items will quickly become obsolete.

Dependability of GE Home Security Components

Again, GE has always been viewed as dependable. Yet, with time, even the most dependable electronic will fail. GE home security tech is no exception and while it may be dependable now and for the foreseeable future, someday it will fail.

Cost of GE Home Security Components

Components made by GE that are provided by a home security service are often included in the installation price or otherwise offered for “free”. Furthermore, the cost of GE home security items is no longer a concern since they are unavailable for retail sale per the following notice from GE:

“In 2010, GE sold its Security business to UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc. (“UTCFSA”).

GE doesn’t manufacture or sell home security systems.Part of that sale included the right to continue to manufacture GE-branded home security equipment. Since that time, GE has not manufactured or sold home security equipment or systems and UTCFSA ceased making, marketing or selling any GE-branded home security equipment in 2016.

It has come to GE’s attention that there have been telemarketing calls and door-to-door sales people saying they work for GE Security and attempting to sell home security systems. This is a scam. These people do not work for GE or UTCFSA.

GE and UTCFSA do not:

  • manufacture, market or sell GE-branded home security equipment or systems
  • offer, market or sell professional home security monitoring services
  • sell GE-branded security equipment or systems directly to consumers
  • place any telemarketing calls, or
  • authorize third parties to place telemarketing calls to consumers about the sale of home security equipment or systems.

There are no “authorized dealers” of GE and/or UTCFSA authorized to use the GE brand to market home security equipment or services directly to consumers.”  per GE Reports


Wrapping It Up

While GE may not be in the home security business anymore, there are companies that still provide home security systems and monitoring. Interested in secure, dependable, affordable monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America. Their simple and affordable home security systems are ideal for keeping what matters most safe.