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General Electric seems to be having a tough time lately. They have had some good times and bad times. But, they are not going anywhere any time soon. Their history has grounded them into place. From the time that Thomas Edison merged his three companies together to present day, GE has embedded itself into modern life around the world. They have even owned NBC Universal at one time. (Comcast bought out the latter on March 13, 2013.)

Even though the name is known everywhere, there are still things that nobody knows about it. What secrets do General Electric hold? Protect America took it upon themselves to dig for the truth. They came across three surprising facts.

  • GE Does Not Do Home Security Anymore
  • GE has Been a Fortune 500 Company for Twenty-One Years
  • GE Designed the Six Reactors in the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Diaster, 


GE Does Not Do Home Security Anymore

General Electric has eight subsidiaries in different industries in their company. There is a GE Healthcare, GE Power, GE Additive, GE Aviation, GE Capital, GE Digital, GE Lighting, GE Transportation, Baker Hughes, Current powered by GE, and a GE Renewable Energy. But, they do not create or sell home security anymore. They used, but that branch went out of business. According to the report section on the GE website,

In 2010, GE sold its Security business to UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc. (“UTCFSA”).

Even more so, GE has not been making or selling home security equipment or systems since 2016. UTCFSA has also not making, marketing or selling any GE-branded home security equipment in the same year. Because of this, there have been many telemarketing scams involving GE home security. The Better Business Bureau has nothing but complaints (eleven to be exact) and labeled the home security company as a “phony business”.

The fake General Electric Home Security company has received an “F”. The scams have gotten so bad that the official GE has to post an explanation and warning. They had to put down a list of things they do not do anymore. You can read the page here.

GE has Been a Fortune 500 Company for Twenty-One Years

To be exact, they have been a Fortune 500 company for twenty-four years. As of 2018, GE ranks eighteenth on the list. Back in 2016, they ranked number on the list. The company has never dipped before twenty in their history of being on the list. The highest they have been is at number four in 2010. Given how things have been going for them lately, it is possible that they could finally drop before twenty.


GE Designed the Six Reactors in the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Diaster

Back in 2011, Japan was rocked with an earthquake and a tsunami that left the country devastated. Things grew worse when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had a meltdown. Who was responsible for the six nuclear reactors in the diaster? None other than General Electric themselves. Turns out, there have been problems with the Mark I reactor design that ran all the way back to 1972.

The design was, according to the New York Times, “physically less robust, and it has long been thought to be more susceptible to failure in an emergency than competing designs”. The cooling system in the reactor became comprised, leading to the disaster.