General Security is a home security company that was established close to 50 years ago on the north shore of Long Island, Plainview, New York, to be exact. It is family owned and operated, serving a small area in the region. In addition to their small service range, they provide little information on their web page about pricing, and require a longer than normal contract. For a home security company that has such a lengthy time of experience in the industry, they also charge high monitoring fees and even higher up-front costs. If you’re looking for an affordable home security company that can cater to your needs no matter where you live, you need to look elsewhere for your security solutions.


Lack of Transparency

General Security offers a number of residential and commercial home security systems to choose from. They also offer customizable security and automation options for you home or business. However, prices and contract information are not posted on their website. General Security offers a free consultation, but that option isn’t ideal in comparison to other security company websites. While their website itself does not provide this information, we were still able to do some research and find out what the cost of monitoring, installation, and equipment might be in addition to contract length if you were to choose General Security. Being able to estimate the cost of something is often times one of the most important decision making aspects during the process of purchasing home security, or really in any major buying decision. When a company’s website does not provide this type of important information, it can give you a poor impression of the company’s reliability and transparency. At Protect America, we provide clear pricing and contract information on our website. We believe it is important for you to know all the information up-front in order to make your decision.

Pricing Information

For the basic monthly price of professional monitoring, you will be expected to pay anywhere from $29.95 – $41.95 a month. This is just for the monitoring aspect and does not include installation or equipment costs. At Protect America, we are able to provide you with monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month! We also provide free start-up equipment with purchase of monitoring so that when you sign up, you won’t have to pay that huge equipment bill before starting your service. Not only is our start-up equipment free, you own it when you finish your contract with us. And if you want to switch services after your time with us, most other security companies can take over monitoring with the equipment you already have from us. You’ll have so much extra cash in what you can save at Protect America! In addition to the monitoring fees, you will have to pay for the installation and activation fees which are estimated at about $100 out-of-pocket. Here are some of the residential options that General Security provides:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire and life safety
  • Audio and visual
  • Intercom, video and gate
  • Remote monitoring
  • Natural gas supply and service

Contracts, Moving and Customer Feedback

Their typical contract is 5 years long. This is quite a lengthy amount of time compared to most of the other home security offering out there. And from what we have gathered from certain review sites such as Yelp, people tend to move from place to place quite often during a span of 5 years. General Security is apparently a difficult company to work with when you need to move locations. According to this customer review:

Well everything was going fine until I tried to cancel my service as my business moved to a new location…..Overall very, very unhappy with this company and their shady practices. Don’t let them fool you. They are all smiles at first then once they have you caught in their spiderweb of deceit they are nasty and rude.

General Security will let you initially choose a month-to-month contract if you do not wish you be locked-in to a 5 year agreement. However, if you choose this option you will have to pay a little over $500 in equipment fees.


A Better Option

At Protect America, we go by the industry standard of 36-month contracts for all of our home security packages. Additionally, if you need to move locations, we service every state in the country as well as Canada! We’ll provide you with a relocation kit so wherever you go, your home security system can go with you too. Again, we we are able to provide you with monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month – and that comes with free start-up equipment. Our commitment to excellence has helped us protect over half a million families. Consider calling us today! With each of our packages catering to a different price point, we strive to offer you the best deal. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable security, then you’re looking for Protect America!