Finding the right home security system among the plethora of service providers isn’t an easy task, especially if homeowners need active monitoring solutions. Fortunately, General Security offers an array of residential and commercial solutions that leverage the latest technology to deter threats. Services offered for residential customers include, but are not limited to, burglar alarms, life & safety alarms, remote video monitoring and total control systems.


Burglar Alarm Systems

General Security provides 24/7 active monitoring solutions, protecting homes even while residents are away on vacation or at work. If there is a breach of security, there is an immediate response. Homeowners can connect mobile apps to their home security features, such as garage door openers and cameras, to enhance the overall effectiveness of their system. Homeowners can work with General Security to identify and select the security options that best meet owners’ needs.

Equipment utilized in home security systems include:

  • Audible alarms
  • Strobes
  • Remote controls
  • Door and window sensors

Fire & Life Safety Systems

Fire detectors and other emergency sensors can be integrated into the General Security residential alarm system, resulting in a more comprehensive and effective home monitoring solution. If residents have a medical emergency, they can contact a General Security rep and get the immediate assistance they need.

Remote Video Monitoring

If homeowners want to watch their home 24/7 even while they are away, they can do so with remote video monitoring. Owners can view live feeds of their home via mobile apps, which is ideal if owners do a lot of traveling or if they live in a high crime area. Given all of the risks to one’s home and property, leveraging technology to mitigate threats to a minimal level is a practical choice.


Total Control Systems

If residents are looking for state-of-the-art home automation systems, then General Security offers Total Control. The company states,

Our services go far beyond basic security applications to provide lifestyle enhancing features for our customers such as visual verification, home automation, intercom system, video monitoring, card access, home energy management systems and commercial fire and safety.

Owners get control of their lights, thermostat, security system and even some of their appliances via mobile apps. That kind of control is both empowering and fun.

Home security is evolving to keep pace with technology and the ever-changing threats facing residential homeowners. Active monitoring solutions are among the most popular and effective choices for security systems in 2018. For a free quote for service, or to learn more about available solutions, please contact Protect America.