Since the invention of Siri for the iPhone, smart tech users have become accustomed to and intrigued by newer technologies that are voice-controlled. Amazon’s Alexa, the voice that powers Echo, Echo Dot and various other smart-home tools, has become a favorite of smart world customers.

This year, Protect America announced are integration with Alexa devices, allowing users to connect Echo and Echo dot with their home automated security system.

But there’s a new voice automated tool in town. It’s created by Eufy, the home security line of the company Anker, and it’s called Genie. It’s a $35 replica of the Echo Dot, but it isn’t as good. Here’s what you need to know.


What are the Differences?

Genie was officially launched today, Aug. 16. The main difference—well, the only positive one besides price—is that Genie has a better look. The product has a slicker design and is not as minimal as Echo Dot.

The price difference is appealing, though Echo Dot is priced at $50 so users are only saving $15, but this difference comes with a loss in product. Genie simply is not as good as Echo Dot.

Genie does use the far-field voice recognition that Echo Dot enables, but the tool only has two microphones compared to Echo Dots seven. Genie surely won’t be as good of a listener, and multiple Genie’s won’t communicate as well with each other as Echo Dots.

Genie doesn’t have messaging and calling like Alexa devices, users can’t use Bluetooth to pair their phones to play music (it has to be done via the jack on the back), and Genie runs a lower-powered WiFi network.

Most of what Genie is able to accomplish is the same as Alexa skills. Nothing really stands out for the device other than its shortcomings, the look of it, and the price-point.

Why Would Anker Release the Product? 

Voice is one of the most popular tools in the smart-home, and Anker wants voice to be a main component of its Eufy line. They plan on releasing competing products for Roomba, light bulbs, wall plugs and switches. This is only the beginning of Eufy aiming to topple other smart-home products.

The irony is that Eufy sells the device on Amazon, and it’s still using Alexa technology to operate it’s system, rather than creating their own version of voice-control.

It isn’t surprising to see companies aim to replicate what other brands have done. We’ve seen this with the many devices that mimic Apple’s branding, but only time will tell if Eufy’s Genie will succeed.


Stick With Amazon’s Alexa Devices 

The Eufy Genie appears to be a fine tool. It was released today, so it’s too early for a full review of the device, but we can already say that it’s product specs fall short of Amazon products. And you’re only saving $15.

We suggest to stick with Amazon, the brand who has successfully created voice-controlled smart tools. Amazon devices have more capabilities, a proven track-record, and they integrate with your connected home through Protect America.

You can learn more about Protect America and our integration with Amazon Echo devices here.