GeoArm is a do-it-yourself home security company that has been in business for about 30 years. They offer a massive range of security equipment and monitoring services sourced from 14 different manufacturers. While GeoArm has a more than ample selection of security devices, the company falls behind in alert features and customer service.


Cut out the middle man

GeoArm acts as an intermediary between you and the security manufacturers, allowing them to sell a large selection of equipment. However, this means you will need to contact the manufacturer or third party monitoring service to get assistance with your home monitoring system. Because of this, the alerts that GeoArm offers may not be available with all types of equipment. There is an option for you to receive alerts for intrusion, flooding, freezing, medical emergencies, carbon monoxide, fire and smoke. However, you will need to spend extra time researching each individual company to be sure you can get all the alerts you want from each of them.

Customer reviews

According to this customer,

We ordered an alarm 6 weeks ago and still do not have an operating system. Defective product – Read their return policy before purchasing.  You buy, you are stuck. Their tech “department” always goes to voicemail. The customer service rep was rude. The pricing was higher than other companies; however I thought that I would gain service by paying more.  Over $700 and still sitting here waiting for something to happen.

Another upset customer had this to say about GeoArm’s customer service:

You may want to rethink your approaches to customer service and business. Customers will not stand up for this kind of so called service.

Warranty Information

GeoArm locks you into a three-year contract, which seems somewhat odd considering they do not offer any type of warranty for their products whatsoever. Instead, they rely completely on the manufacturers to repair or even service your equipment. It can be a grueling task to narrow down a manufacturer’s warranty policies, let alone 14 different manufacturers.


Save Yourself Some Time

GeoArm makes it difficult for you to determine which features fit your system. In practice, GeoArm can be very overwhelming if you are purchasing your first DIY home security system. They can put you in touch with nine different alarm monitoring companies, but each service has different fees associated with its features. With burglaries of residential properties accounting for 74.5% of all burglary charges, you should consider alternative companies that pair their products with the monitoring service that will best protect you in the event of a burglary.

Additionally, not all alarm notifications through these services will work effectively with every device that is offered. Narrowing down which security company you want to go with is a time-consuming task in itself. Why waste even more time trying to figure out which device works with what system when you can simplify the process?

Speaking of time, with GeoArm you are only able to receive customer service help on East coast business hours during the workweek. While GeoArm’s schedule may suit your needs if you live east, they make it difficult for customers that live central or on the West coast. Consider choosing Protect America, where your needs are a priority.