One of the biggest selling points of most DIY home security options is that they require no annual contracts. GetSafe’s offering is no different.

The company founders have previous experience in home security. They wanted to put together a service that was easy for customers to protect themselves, and provided the power of 24/7 monitoring with the flexibility of controlling the home via mobile device.

In a saturated home security market with products that do many of the same things, does GetSafe stand our from the noise?


The Specs

Like mentioned above, GetSafe’s biggest appeal is not having any annual contracts alongside they’re DIY install. And unlike a lot of their competitors, GetSafe has the option of 24/7 UL-Certified monitoring. The monitoring is an additional $29 a month, but that service can be cancelled anytime without fees. 

As for the product specs themselves, the starter kit comes with one smart hub, entry sensor, motion detector, siren, two window stickers, and a AT&T cellular sim card.

The starter kit is priced at $249 and the AT&T cellular sims allows for cellular backup so the product can remain connected to service in case WiFi goes down, or in the event of a power outage. The self monitoring version (with AT&T cellular) is $19. The professional monitoring is $29 and includes the AT&T Cellular.

GetSafe operates via a central Smart Hub that needs to plug into a power outlet and connect to a home computer network with an Ethernet cable. The sensors are wireless and mount with easy-peel-and-stick tape. No special tools are needed to set up the product. Motion detectors will ignore the movements of pets smaller than 40 pounds. With an 85dB siren.

Similar to most modern home security systems, the product is monitored via a smartphone app, so a central keypad is not needed. The GetSafe app has a smart rules feature that allows you to personalize configurations that serve your specific schedule, needs and devices.  Through the app, cameras been live-streamed. So you can view your home from anywhere. And due to the easy setup, the product is easy to move or relocate. It’s also Nest compatible.

If the system detects an intruder, the dispatch center will give you a call to make sure you’re safe. If you don’t answer, the local police will be dispatched. There is also an option that allows you to have a spouse, friend, or family member called before the police are dispatched. You simply indicate that on your emergency list.


There’s Uncertainty

GetSafe has a lot of features and options that are fairly good. The unfortunate part is that the product is not available in every state. Residents in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, or Rhode Island can’t use it.

There’s some minor issues with GetSafe. Most of the main products require AA batteries, this includes the motion camera, door and window sensors, and the motion detector. Video clips can only record for 15 seconds if a door or window opens.

The biggest question with GetSafe is how limited online information was regarding the company. The major tech review sites like Amazon and CNET don’t have any information on them. This is kind of puzzling and peculiar, but the reviews we were able to find for the product were generally positive.

GetSafe seems to be a decent product in a noisy market. You can cancel anytime, but you will have to pay monthly for self or professional monitoring. GetSafe does have a large upfront fee, and to add equipment and the combination of your monitoring, you’ll end up paying about as much as you would with a professional home security company. The only difference being you won’t have some of the other perks, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

For a large upfront price, and an option that still requires monthly installations, we suggest you stick with the pros, who have a proven track record.