Picking a security company that can be trusted and that will charge a fair price is very important. Homeowners who choose monitored home security expect to pay for that service, but they also want to feel that the price is good and they are getting value for their money. But does Gillmore Security offer that combination? That depends on what a homeowner is looking for, of course, but the company may be asking for more than homeowners expect to pay, especially once fees and other charges are all included.Here is a breakdown of Gillmore Security prices.

What Gillmore Security Offers

Gillmore Security claims to offer security for homes and businesses, including:

  • Access control
  • Security system monitoring
  • Fire alarms
  • Digital video
  • New construction protection
  • Service transfers

That all sounds good, but whether the services are reliable and how much they cost are both very important. Without reliability and fair pricing, Gillmore isn’t going to offer homeowners anything they can really use or appreciate in the long term. That could lead consumers to want to switch to another company — and who would blame them if they aren’t getting what they need? But before deciding on Gillmore, it’s vital to know the cost of the system and monitoring.


How Much Gillmore Security Costs

According to various sources, Gillmore costs between $35 and $45 per month for monitoring. In addition, consumers can expect to spend $600 to $700 on equipment and installation. That makes this particular company relatively expensive when compared to other companies. Those who choose Gillmore Security may not get what they think they are getting in terms for value for the money, because the price is high and the commitment to taking good care of their customers actually appears to be relatively low. Complaints about Gillmore are similar to other alarm companies, with high prices, low value, and difficulty with contract cancellation. That last concern appears to be an issue for nearly every alarm company in business today, according to many consumers.


Choosing the Right Security Company

The right security company for a homeowner’s needs will offer that homeowner and their family a good price and a good value. That’s the only way a company can really keep consumers happy, and continue to be successful in the marketplace.

Any homeowner wanting an alarm system should do careful research on the company they are going to choose, so they can have peace of mind from the company itself and also from their choice of monitoring service when it comes to price and value.

Not all companies are the same, and there are good companies out there that take their commitment to their customers seriously. When consumers seek out companies like that, they show other alarm companies that they want more value. That can even lead to changes in the industry, but the most important thing is that consumers will be getting what they need in the way of a quality alarm contract.

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