Gillmore Security Systems Incorporated is a home security company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. They are locally owned and operated, serving only the greater Ohio area. Their service range is small, but they make up for their small customer base with very large up-front costs. Not only will you pay  quite a bit out-of-pocket to get started, monthly monitoring prices are expensive. For a company who has over 40 years of experience in the industry, it is difficult to understand why they charge such high prices compared to what you might find at a more affordable company, such as Protect America. However, not all alarm companies are created equal.


Pricing Information on Packages

As prefaced, Gillmore Security Inc. charges higher monitoring prices than what you might find at most other home security companies in the industry. For example, Gillmore Security charges about $35 -$45 a month for their monitoring fees depending on the options you choose, according to a source. Gillmore offers new customers a variety of starting packages that utilize both landline and wireless equipment. However, their prices for monitoring are about double the price of Protect America’s most affordable monitoring option! For as low as $19.99 a month, Protect America can provide you with around-the-clock professional monitoring for your home and family. We also offer landline, cellular and broadband monitoring for you to choose form depending on what fits your budget and works with your home best. 

Regardless of which system you choose, Gillmore requires that all customers purchase the equipment upfront, which costs approximately $600 – $700 after installation and activation.  Typically, they install Honeywell and First Alert systems, but they will install other equipment upon request. This may or may not require additional fees. Something that many prospective consumers often prefer is the fact that Gillmore Security allows their customers to commit to fairly short contracts compared to the industry’s average. Normally, home security companies charge lower prices and require longer contracts that usually end up being around 36-months. However, Gillmore does the opposite. Their prices are higher, but their contracts are only 12 months. Regardless, you’ll end up spending more money than necessary at Gillmore Security – even with a contract that is 2 years shorter than ours.

Contract Comparison

If you purchase our Copper Package, which includes all the basics needed to set up your own home security system, you will have spent less than $800 at the end of the 3-year contract at Protect America. Thats 24/7 professional protection for 3 whole years. At Gillmore Security, you’ll just barely cover your equipment costs at that price. Once your year of monitoring is finished, you will have shelled out another $500 or so in monitoring fees. Since Protect America does not charge you for equipment, we are able to remain one of the most affordable home security options available for you and your family.


Wait, No Warranty?

One of the biggest downsides to Gillmore’s services is that they do not offer any sort of warranty on their equipment.  According to their customer service representative, Gillmore Security does not have “official language” regarding a warranty in the contract they provide. However, there is a warranty for the parts and labor for the first year of service, which covers your 12 month contract. Many customers are confused by this and in turn, it may be very difficult for you to retain a warranty for the equipment you just spent $600-$700 on when you started your service. Another issue that could catch customers off guard is their cancelation policy at the end of the first year of service. If customers do not notify and specifically request to stop service then it is in the contract that the agreement will automatically renew for another year. At Protect America, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to remember when to cancel your service. For this reason, we will only renew your service for one month at a time until you submit an official cancellation notice. Paying $19.99 for one more month of service is a lot less damaging on your wallet than adding another $500 to your bill for a whole year.

For a home security company that you can trust, choose Protect America. We will protect your home and your wallet. Protect America aims to give you the most affordable technology possible. We’re so confident that our current promotions are the best price available online for wireless home security systems, we’re willing to put money on it to back our claim. If you find a lower price for the same amount of wireless home security systems that we offered, we’ll match the price. You’ll get a lifetime warranty on your system as well as a locked in rate for the life of your agreement. Protect America can offer you the reliability of a professional security system while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of DIY service. Call Protect America today!