There is a security system on the market called Go Control Home Security Suite. If you haven’t heard about it, we have provided the low down and dirty details to inform you a little. Like many other modern day security systems, this one is centrally controlled through an app designed for security in mind. It has a long list of product features to implement for monitoring your home. This residential security system has been reviewed some online as well, so you can check out many of the discussions individual users have had on the product. The new cost of the device is only around $80 or so, so the investment isn’t huge. You can get a basic residential security monitoring set up or you can expand beyond the bare bones essentials pack that is available.


“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” – Kahlil Gibran

About the Product

The Go Control Home Security Suite pairs with something called the A Z-wave Hub. This makes it possible to create a customizable and expandable system for security or home monitoring. The monitors can be controlled through the app. The system can be expaned with additional sensors, door locks, light switches and even dimmers.

The sensors will sync to other products so triggered actions can be enabled. Examples include a light turning on when motion has been detected in a particular area. You can monitor your doors and windows. Alerts are sent to you with push notifications from the app on your smart phone. The GoControl motion sensor can detect movement in hallways or other rooms. The app is supposed to make the installation process easy. You can also expand with more cameras.

The GoControl Essentials kit allows for easy expansion to include more sensors, cameras, door locks etc. According to the manufacturer (Nortek), the GoControl Essentials kit sensors can be used in in other ways such as sensing occupancy or triggering lighting events for example.


There sure are a lot of features for a small price tag on this package. So this is definitely a budget friendly rig to say the least. Many other security systems can run into the thousands of dollars for your home to be secure. The product was designed with simplicity in mind. It should be real easy to setup and configure, including the hardware and software installation. This, however, depends on the user. This product’s utility as an easy and immediate solution for DIY security is its strong point. Other than that, it has a ways to go. If you have specific questions regarding this product, including help with installation, just call the pros at Protect America today for a consultation.



Despite the long list of features, app integration and small price tag, the package does not really go as far as replacing a real professional grade home security system with dedicated monitoring or advanced and updated technology. Though it is more suitable for a cheap and casual solution for security that will be quick and easy, it should not be considered for anyone trying to safeguard items of extreme value, from smoke/fire or for family members.

It is just a simple DIY home monitoring device that can be expanded with more peripheral devices that you monitor yourself. Nortek is responsible for updating their software, but for security systems, they are not a major player in the residential or commercial on-premise security product niche. They will have to continue to improve and compete to make a name for themselves and invest more heavily in their products.


All in all, this product will get the job done and can be configured to your choosing at an affordable price. That is where the positives end. The negatives are that the product is not yet well developed or tested as a premium security product. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.