Amazon Echo and Google Home

You’ve likely heard of Amazon Echo, but what about Google Home? This smart device is still trying to make its entry into homes across the globe, and it’s especially trying to find a strong position among the home security industry. Both the Echo and Home gadgets are voice controlled and have the ability to link smart devices throughout your home.


If you’re looking for smart devices to provide your home with security and protection, you can rest easy knowing there are numerous ones to choose from. From smart locks to smart doorbells and even smart cameras, the market is huge, and even better, it features a plethora of devices that are affordable. Protect America is a company devoted to your protection. We took the time to do a bit of research on two of today’s well known smart devices, Google Home and Amazon Echo. Here’s what we discovered.


The Google Home device can be used to improve your home’s security, but it doesn’t act as a stand-alone security system. It can be used to voice control a variety of devices once it connects with your home security system. Google Home is compatible with any device that can use Google Assistant, making it easy to connect with almost all Android devices. Considering Google Home works with Phillips Hue smart lights, the Nest Learning Thermostat, Samsung’s SmartThings Hub, and the integration cloud service IFTTT, you can clearly see how the device could be of immense value in regards to protecting your home.

The Home device links easily to smart home devices and responds to commands quickly. It even has the ability to understand two commands at the same time. The device itself blends well with any décor due to its tasteful design. And best of all, it has access to Google’s knowledge base, making it one smart device.


  • Google Home has a long list of cons:
  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The speaker isn’t very loud.
  • The speaker itself doesn’t come close to a dedicated Bluetooth speaker.
  • The speaker has to be plugged in at all times, rather than being a chargeable device.
  • The speaker doesn’t hear very well and the microphone doesn’t pick up voices from afar.
  • With Google Home, other smart home devices are likely to wake up and respond when you speak the launch phrase. Even Google commercials on TV can wake them up.

Although there are a lot of drawbacks regarding the Google Home speaker, CNET, says ” if you’ve got multiple speakers hooked up to multiple Chromecasts, you can group them together, then use a Google Home voice command to start synchronized playback on all of them at once.”

Amazon Echo is cheaper than Home and works with a wider range of products. There have been numerous user complaints regarding its lack of control when handling the Google Home. They say there are very few buttons and the sensor that is used to control the volume seems complicated and awkward at times. Another disadvantage is Google Home can only access the main calendar, so it can’t recite your shared or work calendar. Amazon Echo is available in twenty-eight countries, whereas Google Home is only available in seven.



When it comes to home security, you don’t want to invest in products that aren’t reliable. If a home security device was to fail, this could be the difference between being burglarized and staying safe. Contact Protect America today to learn more about today’s most reliable security systems. We offer free installation, locked-in rates, and in an attempt to ensure everyone’s home is protected, we even offer up to $1,400 in free equipment.