Google Home is a voice assistant smart speaker that connects and automates a myriad of tasks and gives users an easy way to access information. The popularity of these voice assistant speakers has been exploding in recent years and some users will opt to control their entire smart home using their voice. One of the corner stones of any smart home is the ability to power and control outlets wirelessly or inside of complex event chains using things like IFTTT software.

One of the problems with adding more and more smart home devices to a home is that there are so many different brands that usually all come with their own software and some type of central hub. As you can imagine, this can get a little complicated and making sure that your devices are compatible with each other is paramount.

For me, I prefer to keep the proprietary hubs to a minimum and generally if I can use my Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home smart speaker as a central hub for all of my devices that is definitely an ideal situation. Obviously things like security cameras will likely need their own hub, but for things like smart plugs it seems a bit unnecessary. So what are the best smart plug’s that connect to Google Home, don’t have an unnecessary hub, are compatible with other devices and are easy to use?

Best No Hub Google Home Smart Plug Choices

More and more products are starting to come out that don’t need you to get another hub, because let’s be honest, it’s getting a little ridiculous. So with a quick Google search you can find a bunch of smart plugs that have “No Hub” in the title. So how do we choose one out of so many choices? Well, obviously you don’t want to pay too much, you’ll want one that has a reliable connection and obviously you don’t want your smart plug to have a tendency to catch fire randomly. So for this list we’re going to stick to plugs that have been around and while and are tried and true.

Geeni Spot Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Geeni Spot smart plugs are by far my favorites. You might be thinking “How can you have a favorite smart plug, it’s just an outlet with wifi?” Well as I mentioned earlier connectivity is very important. And I’ve had some pretty unreliable smart plugs in the past that wouldn’t work randomly or lose connection to my wireless network. I have never had this issue with the Geeni plugs. They also have a pretty decent app that you can use to control them if you don’t want to use Google Home or Alexa.

Another bonus is that they are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of different options. Personally I like the ones that also have some USB ports on the because there really isn’t a spot around my home that I don’t charge my phone at. You can get these smart plugs at Home Depot or online for about $20 a pop.


intelliPlug WiFi Smart Plug

The intelliPlug smart plugs are pretty basic, but where they may lack in features, they more than make up for in price. They work with Alexa and Google Home and don’t require a hub. They also have a pretty strict certification process and it’s very unlikely that you will run into any issues with these. You can get these online for about $12.

Merkury Innovations Smart Plug

The Merkury Innovations smart plugs combine the best of the two options above. They are cheap like the intelliPlugs (about $12) and they have a lot of the features of the Geeni. In fact, they actually use the Geeni app. You can get these at Walmart or online and have free shipping. They connect to Alexa and Google Home and work well.

KULED Smart Plug 4 Pack

If you’re looking to set your whole home with smart plugs, the KULED smart plug 4 packs are going to be great bang for your buck. They are made of fire retardant material, connect with google home, have no hub, and have an app that you can use to control and set timers.

Smart Plugs and Home Security

A recent study showed that 3 out of 5 Americans claim that home security is the top benefit of owning a smart home. So if you’re planning on loading up your home with smart home devices you might want to consider implementing Protect America. Protect America ships directly to your home, installs in just a few minutes, and can connect to all of your smart home devices. Call or get a free quote online and protect your smart home today!