Are you thinking about using Guardian Home Security? One of the most popular security choices on the east coast, Guardian Home Security does have a number of positive aspects — such as its technology. On the other hand, it’s also known for its poor customer service, and it isn’t available everywhere. Guardian Home Security also has one of the longest contract terms in the industry, so those who are interested in acquiring it should do their research first. Here are some of the pros and cons of using this security service.


The Positives of Guardian Home Security

Guardian Home Security offers both security packages and home automation services. Security packages include:

  • Professional installation of monitoring equipment.
  • 24/7 monitoring services.
  • Cellular and wireless monitoring.
  • Battery backup for wired solutions.
  • Motion sensors and door and window sensors.
  • Mobile apps, text alerts, and two-way voice control.
  • Remote arming and disarming of alarms.

In addition to this, home automation services are available which include door locks, thermostats, 2 light modules, and a garage door switch. The services start at $34.95 a month for the smallest “essential” package and increase to $64.95 a month for “Edge Premium.”

Some of Guardian’s solutions, such as image streaming, require that the homeowner have a high speed Internet connection. As a positive, Guardian’s home security equipment will always be professionally installed, and this professional installation (which does cost $99.00) will ensure that the security solution is set up correctly.

The Negatives of Guardian Home Security

Guardian Home Security isn’t available everywhere; in fact, their national coverage is fairly limited. Having coverage be limited can make it more difficult in the event that you intend to move while you’re under contract. Further, they don’t offer some of the basics of other home security systems, such as indoor wi-fi cameras with night vision only being available with the highest level of monitoring package.

By far the largest negative of Guardian Home Security is that is customer service is subpar, which includes having a lengthy service agreement.

Guardian has a few customer friendly policies, but they dilute them with fine print. For example, they have a home relocation guarantee = yeah! But you will only qualify if you’ve lived in your home for more than a year and it is limited to a free base Guardian system and a 25% discount on additional devices if you sign a new 60-month agreement = booo. Not only is it loopy, but 60-months is a long agreement, far longer than the industry standard 36-months.

With an extra-long contract, Guardian Home Security locks its customers into its service even if they are unhappy about it — and canceling can be a chore. If Guardian alters their currently offered packages or chooses to charge higher rates, customers may be required to pay these rates. Further, if individuals move, they aren’t allowed to take their existing equipment. Instead, they have to repurchase equipment where they move.

Additionally, Guardian doesn’t have many features that are extremely important, such as the ability to notify residents of natural gas leaks, power failure, or flooding and water damage. Most best-in-class systems today will have sensors available for all of these issues, which are potentially dangerous and expensive.


Guardian is primarily available on the east coast, with some sporadic spots through the west coast. Northern and northwestern states are not likely to be covered by Guardian Home Security. Even for those who are covered by Guardian Home Security, it may not be the best choice. Though they do have a 3 day return period, they awlso lock customers into a 36 to 60 month contract, during which time they can alter their services or their costs. Guardian is comparable to other services such as ADT, but it still may not be the best choice.

A Better Option

If you want to secure your home without having to get locked into a five year contract, there are other options for you. Contact Protect America today for a free quote. Protect America offers a 24/7 professionally monitored system with no installation fees. You can feel comfortable knowing your contract offers a locked-in rate that will match the competitions price.