Guardian Home Security is a long time player in the home security business. Headquartered out of Pennsylvania, they opened their doors in 1950 and began to build a reputation as a company that is now known as one of the largest privately held home security companies.

Guardian Home Security has proven to be affordable, trusted, and a company that provides 24/7 customer service.


The Good

Guardian Home Security has relatively low start-up costs. With Guardian, you do not purchase the security system – you are charged a start-up fee of $99 to install the equipment and get the system up and running. With this initial fee, you get the basic control panel, motion detectors, and the door and window sensors. Their system can be connected to your landline telephone, wireless or mobile. They do have extra features that you can add on to their basic package and offer upgrades such as a remote control garage door opener, image sensors, doorbell camera and more. If you elderly or have a loved one in your home who is, they also offer a medical upgrade that can be a nice added benefit for peace of mind.

The company offers a host of guarantee packages. They will match any comparable written quote or qualified internet offer for installation and activation of a base home security system. Another nice guarantee is if a theft occurs in your home while being monitored by Guardian, they will give you $500 toward your insurance deductible.

Guardian does work with you if you are moving and you still want to continue using their home security. Guardian will provide you with a relocation package which includes a free base Guardian security system for your new home plus an additional 25% discount on additional devices when you sign a new agreement for Guardian monitoring services in your new home.

The Bad

At this time, Guardian Home Security does not service the entire US. The three main regional areas of the United States that they service are the Midwest, South, and Northeastern states but you can check their website to see in detail if your location is one they serve.

Their security systems too will only be installed and provide coverage for single-family homes, whether your own or rent and not to apartment dwellers.

When installing, their standard package really means a “basic” package. One of the huge drawbacks that receive bad reviews online is that standard package only includes three sensors total to install on your doors and windows. In most modern homes, this is clearly not enough to be effective and an upgrade must be made; you will see an increase in cost right from the get-go in order to get sensors put on all windows and doors.

One of the major complaints against Guardian is their cancellation process and fees. When going to cancel the monthly service, Guardian is repeatedly said to continue to charge the monthly fees without resolve. Their contract length is 5 years in length and that’s a huge commitment to sign off on, especially if you’re not happy with their service or there are issues with the equipment.


To Use or Not to Use?

Guardian Home Security wouldn’t have a good rating for service if they weren’t’ doing something right. The security system itself and cost of service are competitive with other major companies and if you live in an area where service is provided, it is recommended that you look into them to see if they are the right provider for you.
Word of advice, check the finer details of the contract.

  • How long are you locked in?
  • What happens if you want to cancel?
  • What if you want to change the type of plan you have?

If you’re ready to talk about what home security options are for you and your family, visit Protect America to get information or request a free quote by calling 1-800-951-5190. Protect America has up to 5 plans to choose from and will work directly with you to establish what will work best with your budget.