Guardian Protection Services is a home security company with a 60-year history. They started out offering very basic services with home security cameras, but now provide clients with both equipment and monitoring services as well. The company continues to make advancements and acquire better equipment, but they still lack key features and functions that many other competitors provide. While Guardian has been in business long enough to improve these current issues, they still fall behind in both areas of equipment and services.


What’s Missing?

Guardian does not offer glass break sensors. Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one? Monitoring doors and windows with glass break sensors and additional equipment can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home. With Guardian, you are limited to window/door sensors and motion detectors. The detection devices offered by Guardian lack features that should be standard for dealing with burglars.

Limited Availability

Guardian Protection Services are only available in a handful of states. Pricing varies by your location. This can be a major issue for people who are moving. If you have a Guardian system and then need to move somewhere that their services are unsupported, you could have no option but to pay the very expensive early termination fee. At Protect America, services are priced the same across the board, and availability is offered just about anywhere in the US. Additionally, Protect America offers convenient relocation kits. If you ever need to move, your home security system can easily come with you!

Help and support options are also limited. Guardian protection Services only provide customer service by phone – that is if you can get someone on the line. They offer a large section of information on their website, such as their FAQ’s page, to only current customers. The number of complaints about customer service alone is enough to scare anybody away. A recent reviewer had this to say:

I work in a medical practice and we had our office burglarized on a Saturday afternoon. The alarm sounded and the only response from Guardian was to call the office. Our office was closed. They did not dispatch police nor call the people on our list who are supposed to be notified when there is an alarm. The most disturbing aspect of this experience is that I often work late and mistakenly felt that arming the alarm while I was in my office would offer some sort of protection. But I feel differently now.

Another customer said this to say about Guardian:

We signed with Guardian when we were building our dream home. We were told it was a 2-year contract that turned into 5! From the first time we moved into our home until now (2.2 years) the alarm system has failed to operate properly. We thought we were getting peace of mind instead we have been harassed from the time our warranty was up! At first, the two windows in the master bedroom would trigger the beeps. I called since it was under warranty and they came out. A service tech looked at the system on the wall, walked into the master bedroom, looked at the windows and said there was nothing wrong! This went on until the warranty was up.


Maintenance and Warranty

If you buy a security system from Guardian Protection Services, you have the option to sign up for a maintenance plan. It is an extra fee, but you receive a discounted rate on any repair or service calls. At Protect America, there are no maintenance or installation fees. With a home security system from Protect America, you will have a trained technician walk you through a step-by-step process over the phone on how to fix or install your home security system, completely free of cost. Additionally, Guardian does not offer a warranty for all of its packages, while Protect America provides a lifetime warranty on all of its products and services.

Consider a home security company that won’t limit you with so many restrictions. Protect America offers service across the US and Canada with customizable, affordable and simple home security solutions for everyone.