Experiencing a burglary in your home can quickly become traumatic and devastating, even if you were not inside of your property when the actual break-in occurred.

Many individuals who have experienced a burglary report that they suffer from a form of PTSD, especially when attempting to resume a sense of normalcy in their everyday life once the crime has occurred. Homes that do not have a security system in place are 300% more likely to become a target of a burglar.

Finding a home security system you are able to trust and rely on upon without feeling overpriced or not provided with enough support is a vital decision when you want to protect your belongings and your loved ones at all costs. If you are considering a new home security system or monitoring service such as Guardian Protection Services, it is imperative to take your time when comparing and reviewing all of the options available to you before making your choice.


Guardian Protection Security Services and Packages

Guardian Protection Services offers monitoring solutions for both commercial and residential properties, regardless of the size of the lot or the amount of security equipment needed. With Guardian Protection Services, you can expect these popular services and features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and alerting system in place
  • Live video streaming to capture and record potential crimes taking place at any time even when you are not at home
  • Wireless and cellular connections to watch and monitor your system from anywhere
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras available
  • Home automation integration is possible depending on the package you have selected

Fees and Upfront Costs

Guardian Protection Services charge a minimum of $99 of upfront costs to help with covering a professional installation provided by the company. Unfortunately, it is not possible to opt out of a professional installation as it is required by the company for all customers, whether you are new or if you have utilized the service in the past. Additionally, the overall cost and investment with Guardian Protection Services widely varies depending on the package you require as well as any additional monitoring services or equipment you need to install both inside and outside of your home or place of business.


Unclear Cancellation Policy

Guardian Protection Services does not make it clear to potential or current customers who are interested in their company what their cancellation policy is for those who no longer want the service. Without a clear cancellation policy in place, it is possible to find yourself stuck with unwanted and unaffordable fees if you are unable to pay immediately upon the disconnection with Guardian Protection Services.

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