Often times, people will spend more time finding a new outfit or purchasing a new car, than they do with selecting a home security system. It takes time to weigh the options of a home security system; however, the best decision is to make “a” decision! Procrastination is definitely not a good idea when it comes to protecting an investment like a home, property, and valuables. Burglars and thieves never take a day off!


A Guardian Home Security System is a reasonable choice and the company is popular among homeowners and renters, for protecting their valuables. The company was founded in 1950 and it is still going strong in the millennium era, which speaks very well to its longevity! There are many good reasons for choosing a Guardian Home Security System, but with everything in life, there are both “pros” and “cons.”

The immediate “pros” of a Guardian Home Security System include:

  • Installation by a professional.
  • Professional 24/7 monitoring.
  • Wireless self-monitoring options.
  • Backup battery due to power outages.

Protect America was ranked #1 by Top Consumer Reviews and 98% of past customers have reported their complete satisfaction.

Deciding on a Basic Beneficial Package

With a Guardian Home Security System, homeowners and renters have an option to chose home automation services. The option includes security coverage for door locks, a standard garage door switch, remote thermostat control, and 2 light modules. The Essential Package is the basic package and starts with an excellent low price of $29.99. The Edge Control package is the next level, and there is an increase in price. This is a “pro” for the Guardian Home Security System because the Essential Package allows a homeowner or renter to have a lower priced option to meet their budget. And in the case of home security, something is much better than nothing!

The Essential Package includes:

  • Standard Devices
  • Wireless and Cellular
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Premium Advantage vs. Low Starter Package

The Edge Control package includes everything that the Essential Package includes, but it also includes home automation. The only difference is the home automation and the benefit would be an advantage to most homeowners or renters, but this is considered as a “con” when comparing both of those packages to the Edge Premium package. The Edge Premium package has everything that the lower priced packages include, but it goes much further for the benefits. The Edge Premium includes two additional indoor cameras and live video streaming! A home security system is not really doing its job without live video streaming 24/7! Although the overall package is a “pro,” it’s somewhat difficult to rate the actual value as a “pro” when considering a person has to choose the highest possible package just to receive live video streaming. However, it’s still a beneficial package! Interested in monitored home security to protect property and valuables? Request a free quote from Protect America!

Making the Commitment

As far as making a long-time commitment with the Guardian Home Security System, it’s a definite “con!” A Guardian Home Security System isn’t available everywhere in the country. Although the company has made efforts to expand in certain regions, there is still a limited amount of national coverage for some homeowners, particularly in rural areas. In fact, in order to get a full benefit from a Guardian Home Security System, a consumer must have high-speed internet, especially for the Edge Premium package. In addition, a Guardian Home Security System requires an extended contract for relocation that can be 60 months and most people are going to frown upon that choice.


Protect America is the nation’s 14th largest residential home security company. In the last 25 years, Protect America has remained committed to providing home security to residential customers and has received nine awards from Consumers Digest within the “Best Buy” category. The company provides uninterrupted home monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a professional and trained home security staff. It’s vital to have a monitored home security system with live video streaming, rather than a stand-alone camera! With a Protect America installation, customers can receive up to $1,400 in free equipment, with a required 36-month contract.

With rate plans that start as low as $30 a month, it’s easy to understand why Protect America was ranked #1 by Top Consumer Reviews and 98% of past customers have reported their complete satisfaction!