The $230 Guardzilla 360 indoor security camera sees everything in a room at one time. This all-in-one home security device can do a lot. Set it on a level surface, plug it in, arrange it utilizing the free app and you can see a 360-degree 1712p HD live video feed. Gone are the times of panning to catch movement or battling against the constraints of a settled point focal point. Is the 360-degree field of vision really worth the $230 price tag though?


The Guardzilla 360 comes with a 100-decibel alarm, remote equipping, incapacitating and movement recognition. With the 360-degree angle, you can see everything occurring in a room at anytime, in superior quality. It’s an independent security framework with an incorporated alarm, arm and incapacitate abilities, as well as discretionary expert observing.

The camera’s capacity to see 360 degrees is a major ordeal, yet numerous people utilize livestreaming cameras for a particular reason – to watch a portal, to screen a dozing child. They don’t really need to see each conceivable vantage point and likely won’t have any desire to spend more for that highlight. The Guardzilla application is additionally in urgent need of an upgrade. It’s obsolete, awkward and for the most part, uncooperative.


When the Guardzilla 360 detects motion, it records an eight-second video clip of the triggering event. These clips are saved for free for up to two days in Guardzilla’s Video Cloud Storage, from where they can be downloaded to your telephone. You can move up to a seven-day stockpiling plan for $5 every month ($50 per year), or a 30-day plan for $9 every month ($90 per year). The two memberships also stretch out video accounts to 30 seconds each.

  • 7-Day Plan: $5 per month/$50 per year
  • 30-Day Plan: $9 per month/$90 per year

Recorded video is available to view on the Guardzilla app. The Guardzilla app livestream shows an all-encompassing perspective of the room that you can see by either panning with your finger on your gadget’s screen, or by utilizing your telephone’s accelerator and moving the phone left or right. Although both work, neither option is particularly smooth or practical.


The biggest flaw with this security device is the app. The Guardzilla app is outdated and prone to crash. While some camera highlights; like the livestream, equipping and incapacitating and occasion history, are obvious and plainly named on the home screen, others are indefinitely settled in the settings menu. The controls for changing the affectability of the movement and sound sensors, for instance—a component you more often than not tinker with after some time—are covered in the Other Settings sub-menu of the general settings menu, alongside set-and-overlook highlights like your time zone and record data.


Guardzilla 360 indoor security camera’s best feature is its 360-degree viewing capability. While this may be a cool feature, it isn’t really that neccissary for proper home security. Most surveillance camera clients extremely just need to watch out for little territories of their home—purposes of passage like entryway patios and indirect accesses or the rooms where their pet is corralled or their child dozes. For utilizations like this, a fixed point camera will get the job done.


The app is also a fairly major draw-back. While an outdated and glitch app may not seem like the most serious issue when dealing with home security, its functionality can actually be a very important component. The app is the way you control the home security device so it is of the upmost importance to always be working properly. On the off chance that you choose you truly need or need entire room inclusion, the 360 will give you finish inclusion; however know you’ll likely need to battle with its outdated app.


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