Habitec Security is a home security company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. With only 90 employees, Habitec is definitely a small company. Habitec was founded in 1972 in Toledo and also has offices in Columbus, Ohio and Charlevoix, Michigan.

You might be considering Habitec if you’re looking for small-town appeal. You might think that if a company has been in business for over 40 years, they might’ve figured out how to charge you the lowest prices possible. However, be aware that with small-town companies comes small-town problems.


High Upfront Prices

The most important detriment to Habitec Security packages are their high upfront costs. This means that you could spend as much as $495 to buy your home security system. Almost $500 is just too much. You shouldn’t have to save almost $500 to protect your home and family.

In contrast, Protect America offers no equipment fees. This means you’ll pay nothing for your home security system in upfront costs.

Bad Warranty Policy

Another alarming fact about Habitec Security is its poor warranty. Habitec only offers a one-year warranty on its equipment. This means if something breaks in year two or three of your 3 year contract, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

In contrast, Protect America offers a lifetime replacement plan for its equipment. This means that as long as you’re a member of the Protect America family, we’ll replace your equipment if anything goes wrong.

Small Town Service, Big Town Prices

The last thing you should take note about with Habitec Security is their high monthly monitoring costs. Habitec’s monthly monitoring starts at $35. $35/month is just too much for home security monitoring.

Protect America’s monthly monitoring costs are much cheaper – $19.99. Although the difference of $15/month might not seem like a lot, over the length of your contract going with Habitec will cost you $540 too much.


You Deserve the Best

If you’re looking for home security for your family, you’re looking for the best. Not the second best, not the the best, the best home security in the United States. Obviously Habitec is not this company.

If you’re looking for help with your home security questions, we would love to help. Call Protect America’s main line for a complimentary consultation from one of our security experts.