A home security system has been proven to be effective in keeping burglars at bay. According to studies, “83% [of burglars] admitted that they specifically look to see if there’s an alarm; 60% would change their mind if there was one installed.” This statistic alone proves you should invest in a home security system. Other statistics provided by the same source that highlight the value of a security system include:


  • 27.6% of the time, a person is home while the burglary occurs; 26% of those people home are harmed. That means 7.2% of burglaries result in someone being injured.
  • 65.1% of the attackers knew the victim and 27.5% were strangers.
  • 60.5% of burglaries involved no weapon; 30.1% did involve a weapon; 9.3% of victims were unsure if a weapon was involved.

You’re going to want to consider all of your options when investing in a security system, and there’s a good chance you’re going to come across systems offered by the industry leader Harbor Freight Security. Here at Protect America, we took the time to research some of the company’s security systems and we put together a helpful go-to guide to make your research a bit easier.

Harbor Freight Offers Bunker Hill Security Systems

Bunker Hill Security offers several alert systems that provide peace of mind without breaking the bank. When placed in your home, the wireless receiver will chime when the weatherproof infrared sensor outside detects motion. The sensor easily mounts on a wall or post and the receiver can be placed anywhere in your home as long as it’s within 400 feet of the sensor. If you do not like unexpected knocks at your door, the Bunker Hill is worth considering.

Bunker Hill Color Security System with Night Vision

A color 4.3 in. flat panel is what sets this system apart. The panel is adjustable and has audio for live viewing. The package includes two color security cameras with IR illuminators and two 360-degree swivel camera mounts. The cameras have night vision capability and are weather-resistant. Users can set real-time audio/video input to one or two channels. This security system has earned a reputation for both clarity and durability.

Bunker Hill Outdoor Imitation Security Camera

For a low cost and effective option in protection, look no further. As an extra layer of protection, dummy cameras can be a deterrent against thieves at a fraction of the cost. Its design and features offer a high resemblance to real working cameras. Features include a blinking red LED light, authentic weather-resistant housing, and fully adjustable positioning. Keep intruders at bay with this dummy security camera.


COBRA Security System

With easy remote access, you can view and control the COBRA Security System right from your smartphone or tablet. The system can monitor up to eight separate cameras at one time. In addition, a huge 1 TB hard drive is pre-installed for recording. Users can choose from three recording options — motion,  manual activation, or an option to program a set schedule to record. Four of the cameras are for indoor use, while the additional four are for outdoor use. The cameras offer night vision capability up to 100 ft. away. This system is easy to set up and requires a mouse or remote control its navigation.

COBRA Wireless Color Surveillance Camera

This system’s night vision capability provides round-the-clock protection and serves as a great asset to your home security system. Cobra’s wireless camera can be easily set up and does not require video cable installation. Its wireless design is perfect for long distance outdoor monitoring. An additional feature, a built in-intercom with a speaker and microphone, lets you hear and respond to someone on the other end. You don’t have to worry about switching the camera mode from day to night since the camera does it automatically on its own. The device is weatherproof and can stand up to all climate conditions. This is a user-friendly camera with a multitude of features.

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