No home security service is perfect. Everyone has different ideas of what customer service means, and also require different equipment and approach the installation process in different ways. Hawk Home Security is no different.


Pondering The Pros

  • Hawk Home Security offers an array of equipment. From simple to complex, the offerings do not lack in features and options.  For example, a basic security camera versus a high-end security system with a recorder.
  • Home security is an important matter for any household. Hawk Home Security has specialized technicians trained to install, repair, and answer questions and concerns in a manner that is both professional and accurate.
  • Hawk Security is a real-time eye on a homeowner’s safety. 24-hours a day, seven days a week, Hawk Home Security protects residential and businesses, alike.

Did you know that the majority of home burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or school? And did you know that each year nearly 5 million families become victims of household burglary, often while they were away on vacation?

Evaluating Equipment

  • Hawk Home Security panels are easily hidden away in a metal cabinet to keep from alerting intruders. Control panels are often the first target of a burglar entering a home. By hiding the console, one risk is taken off the table rather than a family’s table taken. 
  • Landlines are not easy to come by, nor are they the most reliable source of signals or phone calls. Hawk Home Security runs their line so that no home goes without protection because of lack of landline or dropped phone service.
  • The siren and keypad are separate. Hawk Security is making it harder for panels and audible alarms to be disabled.
  • Hawk Home Security offers indoor and outdoor sirens. It is the fastest way to alert a family and neighbors of a possible break-in.
  • Signs and decals are often all a house needs to deter a potential intruder. Hawk Home Security provides the stop locks and layer that assists in home protection.

Possible Improvements

  • The promise of perfect installations is not always the case according to review sites for Hawk Home Security systems.
  • Contracts are binding agreements. Hawk Security comes with a contractual agreement. The issue with many homeowners is the lack of promised support after installation. The ability to back out of the mutual understanding is not available.
  • Free home security services come as easily as iPhone apps. Buying into a full system and service such as through Hawk Home Security is often not worth the agreement.
  • Customer service is given bad reviews across the board to Hawk Home Security. Often the installation goes seamlessly, and when the first issue arises, there is no one to walk the homeowner through the problem. It puts families at risk.

One customer left one of many negative reviews stating the following:

Please do your due diligence before signing a contract with Hawk Security. It will pay you dividends in the long run.

Professional technicians Protect America are available to answer questions and assist with step-by-step instructions on how to install and maintain a new home security system.  It is not merely new equipment they can respond to questions about or explain.  Older equipment has problems, and those problems deserve to be solved as much as shiny new systems.