Every addition to a home has pros and cons. If not, we would own everything we had a knee-jerk reaction to buy. HD security systems are not different in that regard. Pros, cons, features, and benefits should always be up for consideration before making an investment in both the equipment and the level of safety needed.


Best Benefits Before the Beginning

The reason people invest in security systems is that they want to feel safe in their home, and know that their home is under the best protection possible when they are not there. 

Nearly 60 percent of the burglars said they would consider the presence of cameras or other surveillance equipment when selecting a target, and more than 40 percent said that would be a factor in prompting them to choose another target.​

No cost is too much for the guaranteed safety of a family. Homeowners lose millions a year to burglaries that would have never occurred with an HD security system.  Picture quality is the difference in identifying an intruder.

Advantages of an HD Security System

The quickest advantage conclusion a consumer comes to is the feeling of safety a security system provides. Also, many districts, counties, and cities have policies against false alarms. With a reliable HD security system, lessened alerts mean a lessening in fines. Not everyone remembers to set the alarm while coming and going.

Affordable cost and conserving energy allows a consumer to make up the cost of an HD security system .by tenfold.

HD security systems not only deliver crisp images but passing them on is that much easier with the two-way audio, ensuring the activation is not a false alarm.

Taking Cons into Consideration

The odd side effect of having a home security system of any sort. Safety overly soothes a homeowner. Stickers, signs, and even audible alarms sometimes are not enough to keep the bad guys away. Staying aware is imperative, even when protected by an HD security system.

With any security system, remembering to arm, it is a part of adjusting to having one. An HD security system cannot protect a home and family if it is not ready to set off alarms if an intruder attempts an intrusion.


Possible Fun Features and Bountiful Benefits

  • Smart device monitoring allows a homeowner to check in on the kids or pets from the palm of the hand.
  • Wireless sensors are smart and sleek in their advanced technology. The unseen protectors of windows and doors are made to place, so pets do not activate the alarm and the homeowner ends up with a fine for the false alarm.
  • Crash & Smash Protection is tamper-proof and gives a sense of safety knowing that a line cannot become severed and security is ever-present.
  • Home automation is not a trend. The relaxed approach to managing a home is only going to grow in how many people utilize entire home automation.
  • HD video and digital audio are the primary benefits of HD security systems. The crisp video and fluid 2-way audio make catching a bad guy straightforward and the information accessible to pass on to law enforcement or neighbors.
  • Easy setup with a more accessible connection to WiFi is a benefit to most modern security systems.
  • Email and smart device notifications are instant when the security system is activated. If a person chooses to self-monitor, it is their responsibility to call emergency services and notify family and neighbors of a breach.

However, self-monitoring is not an option easily juggled by a busy family. Companies such as Protect America not only will install the new HD security system but with price match guarantee services. Protect America monitors a property 24 hours a day and seven days a week at an affordable price and through professional customer service.