Nobody likes talking about home security systems in much the same way as people aren’t comfortable discussing traffic accidents. Property crime and traffic accidents are both a reality of life and while we take efforts to ward off traffic accidents, by following the rules of the road and acquiring proper insurance, we do far less to make sure that our own property is safely secured against criminal activity. A home security system, such as the ones offered by Hills Home Security or Protect America, can make all of the difference in the world. As we are about to discuss, home security systems can completely change the complexion and likelihood of criminal activity ever occurring in a home or business. Home security systems aren’t just for the rich and wealthy, they are for everyone who wants to secure themselves against the worst case scenario.


Acquiring The Right Home Security System

An afternoon watching the local news would be more than enough to convince most property owners that they need to spend some time and money putting together a home security systems. While the majority of burglaries are non-violent, and typically happen when the property owner isn’t even home, they are still frightening to consider. After all, nobody wants to consider what would happen if they were home when someone broke in. So, this means that it is time to seriously put together a home security system. Let’s walk through the steps to make that happen.

Most people don’t realize it, but the vast majority of property crimes occur between 6 AM and 6 PM. This means that a home security system is even more important for protecting property because nobody will be at home when a criminal gains access. A proper home security system could help prevent your home.

A proper home security system should be comprised of several different layers of security. At the top layer, a professional monitoring system will offer cameras and sensors that detect against windows moving and glass breaking. These are the first lines of defense. The second layer of that home security system will be a triggered alarm or a panic button within the home. The final layer, and the one that is activated quicker than the rest, is the professional monitoring team themselves. These layers are all important but what is most important is that they are all present. This discussion now brings us to Hills Home Security.


Complete Overview of Hills Home Security

It seems like there are countless home security systems available on the marketplace today — because there is. However, quantity does not correlate to quality and that means that a lot of people are ending up with subpar products protecting their home. That is why we are talking about Hills Home Security. Hills Security isn’t a household name but they’ve begun to offer top-of-the-line security products that can make a real difference in the lives of people everywhere. Here are three quick-hitting facts that prospective customers need to be aware of.

  • Hills Security operates much like an a la carte service. Customers can tailor their exact security systems to the needs that their property requires. This means that one customer can purchase access control devices, like a number-pad entrance code, while others can opt to stick with simpler alarm intrusion kits.
  • Hills Security offers a range of different security cameras for their customers to choose from. The audio/visual world is difficult enough to wade through without having to consider products that are being purchased to protect an actual home. Consult with a professional at Hills Security in order to get the right cameras for the job.
  • Hills Security is not a one-to-one professional monitoring service. This means that customers won’t have a customer service representative available at the press of a button.

The Protect America Advantage – Affordable High-Quality Home Security

While there is a lot to like about what Hills Home Security offers, we ultimately find that they come up short in a few key aspects. We like having a professional monitoring service that offers us high-quality equipment and customer service to match it. For that kind of product, turn to Protect America today.