Hoffman Electronics is a home and business security company that provides security-monitoring services for a select range. It’s a family-owned business that aims to provide affordable systems with low voltage solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Central California Valley. They have been in business for over 30 years. Hoffman Electronics has provided security and wiring solutions for the central California region for over 35 years. They were started in 1979 and seem to be a little behind in adopting new technology. They just recently moved into the computerized aspect of home and business security. Hoffman has the experience to handle consultation, installation, system design, and 24-hour monitoring, but they fall behind in remaining transparent. Not only are their rates higher than what you might find at a national home security company like Protect America, but they have a difficult time estimating costs for customers. Their lack of transparency online makes it difficult to plan for any additional costs…which can be very frustrating for any customer on a budget.


Their Process

Hoffman Electronics prides itself on its “custom designed” security systems for homes. They have a three-step process when getting your home set up with a security system:

  1. They determine your protection goals, such as whether the home security system is for personal protection, property protection, and whether or not you’ll use the home security system when you’re away. (Isn’t that the point of security?)
  2. Hoffman will do an external review of exit and entry points.
  3. An interior walkthrough of the home will determine how to make areas with valuables be easily monitored.

For a much more independent approach to security, with Protect America we can help you with all of the above….only we let you do it yourself. Without even having to step into your home, we can assess the entry points and the technology you need to stay secured. We can also give you the cost of everything before you even make a phone call because we provide all of our information online for you to see prior to making a call!


At Hoffman Electronic you’ll pay a minimum of $34.95 for your monthly home security monitoring. That’s almost double what you would pay at a more affordable home security company. Additionally, it is very difficult to get any up-front pricing on what your system will cost you in addition to monitoring. This is problematic for anyone on a budget, and let’s be real….most of us are.

At Protect America, we only charge for monitoring. With purchase of monitoring, you’ll get all of your up-front equipment for free. You’ll also be able to customize your package for your home in the same way that Hoffman advertises, only without all the time consuming appointments. At Protect America, monitoring costs as little as $19.99 a month. And with your $19.99 a month agreement, you’ll own all your equipment by the end of your agreement. At Protect America, you have a lifetime warranty and locked in rates for life. The best part about it, is if you find a lower rate elsewhere…we’ll match the price! Simply check out our Low Price Guarantee tool!



One of the main issues we had with Hoffman Electronics was the lack of contract information and pricing on their website. A customer should be able to read information on the website about products and services before setting up an appointment with a Hoffman dealer. 

With so many choices, equipment and services, deciding on the right home security company can be a tough decision. Our goal is to empower people and make it easy to choose the right decision for their home and family, whether that’s Protect America or not. A common misconception about home security is that going with a local alarm company is better. Many think that since there is a home security company locally, there is a local monitoring facility as well. In reality, when you sign up with a local home security company they install it, and it ends up being monitored by a national monitoring facility. Protect America uses three of the best monitoring facilities throughout the United States to make sure your home is always protected.