Each year, more than 2 million homes throughout the United States are burglarized or vandalized, costing billions of dollars in property damage and losses.

Protecting your home, family, and personal belongings are essential facets of life, regardless of the type of lifestyle you lead and how much time you spend inside of your house. Home 8 Security is a home security company that offers a wide range of features, suitable for various ways of life. Before choosing which package or home security company is right for you, compare your options by reviewing the advantages and disadvantages to each of your available options.

Elder Care Features and Options

One of the biggest features Home 8 has to offer is elder care equipment and monitoring solutions. Whether you have an elderly loved one you want to protect or if you are elderly yourself, Home 8 specializes in equipment and monitoring devices that are optimal for those who are in need of additional health monitoring and tracking.

Pros of Home 8 Security


  • Home 8 Security offers prepackaged deals and solutions which are optimal for those who are unfamiliar with security equipment and features and simply want to get started with protecting their homes and property as soon as possible.
  • Home 8 Security provides portable, lightweight, and easy-to-install cameras that are ideal for just about anyone, even those who do not consider themselves technically savvy. Compare your options and create a system that is most suitable for your needs.
  • When choosing Home 8 as your home security solution, you have the option to expand your services and implement additional equipment as you see fit. Whether you are in need of additional security cameras or if you want to add more door and window sensors to your home, Home 8 security allows maximum flexibility with the overall design and implementation of your system.

Cons of Home 8 Security

  • If you lose connection to your Home 8 security system due to a power or internet outage, you will not receive an alert on your phone even once the system is restored and back up. This can lead to confusion and the inability to determine when your system is working properly and when it requires additional attention.
  • Overall, Home 8 Security provides fewer options for those who are interested in starter packages. If you prefer more variety, an alternative solution is highly recommended.
  • Home 8 Security does not currently offer a video doorbell feature, which is available with many other known home security solutions available.

What to Look for in a Monitored Home Security Company

A monitored home security company provides 24/7 monitoring, providing a sense of relief and peace of mind for individuals whether they are in their homes or traveling out of the country. Monitored home security companies should have the ability to alert you immediately using a smartphone, email, or even the system you have installed itself. When choosing a monitored home security company, be sure to compare equipment options, costs, and whether or not you have the option to install the cameras and motion detection devices yourself in a DIY fashion.


When searching for the right home security company that provides 24/7 monitoring, it is important to determine what is necessary for your system in addition to the type of protection you and your family require. Protect America is the 16th largest home security companies in the US and was originally established in 1992. With low rates and the ability to maintain a locked-in rate throughout the entirety of your contractual agreement, it is no wonder that Protect America continues to lead in the security world.

Are you looking for a monitored home security solution that will work with your budget and lifestyle needs? Contact Protect America to get your free quote and to learn more about a system that is truly right for your needs.