Top Consumer Reviews (also known as is a web-based consumer reviews publication that analyzes and scores a broad range of products and services, like computers and home security companies. The company is based in the Midwest and provides a newsletter to subscribers rather than a magazine or physical publication, which is the typical model for consumer review organizations.


Top Consumer Reviews Methodology and Information

A member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Top Consumer Reviews is one of the most reputable consumer review organizations in operation. When analyzing a product, Top Consumer Reviews considers a broad range of factors, such as quality, longevity, safety, and cost.

Experts from Top Consumer Reviews have professional backgrounds in banking, technology, insurance, and health care. Reviewers for Top Consumer Reviews are spread out across the country to limit reviewers from influencing one another. Along with reviews of physical products, Top Consumer Reviews also analyzes support elements of companies, like customer service and company stability.

Top Consumer Reviews Home Security System Reviews

Protect America is the top-rated home security company reviewed by Top Consumer Reviews. For the past 5 years, Protect America has received a perfect, 5-star rating. Other home security companies that ranked lower than Protect America include ADT, FrontPoint Security, and Guardian Protection Services.

ADT subsidiary Broadview Home Security only received 2.5 stars. According to Top Consumer Reviews experts, Broadview (now a part of ADT) suffered from higher costs and a difficult installation process. The lowest ranked home security service graded by Top Consumer Reviews was, which failed to offer transparent information about its product while offering inconsistent prices to customers.


Due to the nature of the home security industry, Top Consumer Reviews focuses on home security services rather than on home security systems. Most home security companies offer many of the same home security system models, making monitoring and customer service more relevant to consumer interests.