Home automation is an increasingly popular residential service that takes the work out of mundane everyday activities, like turning on/off lights or changing your thermostat. Though some products come with home automation functionality, home automation services are most readily available from security providers, like Protect America.

Home Automation Reviews: Consumer Reports

Venerated products reviewer Consumer Reports is often the most trusted name for recommendations. Unfortunately, the publication does not cover home automation products. The company does review products with home automation functionality but not the companies that provide service. Various third party websites do review home automation features. These sites generally review a number of home automation providers with emphasis on cost and customer complaints.

Home Automation Information: An Overview

The dramatic increase in interest for home automation products and services has led to more companies entering the market. Some of the more common features associated with home automation include security, lighting, and energy management. More involved home automation systems involve door locks, video surveillance, and even water management. The complexity of home automation systems will increase costs associated with maintenance and activation. Some home automation features, like installing a control on your water main, require installation from a professional technician. Self-installed home automation solutions, like the ones offered by Protect America, can save hundreds when compared to alternative options.

Protect America Home Automation

Home automation services can be obtained from Protect America for less than competitors. Simply order a monitoring solution from Protect America and you’ll receive a FREE Simon XT wireless home security system. Home automation features for lighting and surveillance can be easily added to a wireless home security system with little hassle. Unlike other home automation systems, Protect America also lets you take your equipment when you move. Call 1-800-951-5136 to speak with one of our home security and automation experts today!