Home alarm systems have risen in popularity by leaps and bounds of the years. It has gotten tot he point where most major retailers in the world are making sure to carry home security systems. The rise in popularity of alarm security systems brings us to analyze the various options that are available from Home Depot, one of the more prominent hardware retailers in the United States. Home Depot may not be known for their security systems, but they do have quite a few systems that are worth checking out. Let’s break down the most popular Home Depot alarm systems available so that readers at home can make an informed decision.


Home Depot Alarm Systems – An introduction

While most people understand the value that a home security system can bring, still many others believe the systems to be products of paranoia and overkill. We believe that a great home alarm system can go a long way toward bringing homeowners safety and security while also improving their peace of mind. We don’t want to imply that scare tactics are a viable reason to purchase an alarm system, but we do want to point out that reality denotes their importance. For customers interested in seeing just how likely a break-in is in their neighborhood, there are many online tools available to find that information out.

There are more than 5,800 home break-ins happening in the United States on a daily basis. This means that, on average, a home will be broken into once every 15 seconds. If this doesn’t relay the need for viable home security, nothing else will.

Home Depot is a major hardware dealer and they are well regarded for offering a wide variety of different products for in and around the home. Under their umbrella of product inventory, customers can find a nifty array of home security options. We’ve decided to reel in the top three home security options from Home Depot in order to give them a proper analysis. These are the systems we have chosen to focus on:

  • Nest Secure Wireless Alarm System Starter Pack
  • Ring Alarm Home Security Kit Home Depot Exclusive
  • Sabre Home Alarm System Wireless

These systems come in at three different price points but they offer pretty dynamic results, so let us go ahead and begin our in-depth review of the various Home Depot alarm system options.


A Close Look At Home Depot’s Best Alarm Systems

Let’s go ahead and start our discussion by looking at these three systems in order, going from least expensive to most expensive. These systems all have major differences between them, so it is important to pay attention to avoid confusion.

Sabre Home Alarm System Wireless – This is the most basic security system that we have on our list and it is also the most affordable. The Sabre system offers completely wireless security in a convenient, affordable package. Sensors can be placed around the house within a range of up to 500′ from the primary control panel. This system can cover up to 8 different security zones.

Ring Alarm Home Security Kit Home Depot Exclusive – Next up on our list is an all-inclusive home security system that can be used to wire an entire house. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this is the most flexible system that we’ve seen in a while. There is 24/7 monitoring as a potential upgrade but the entire package is great, as it is. This system comes with multiple sensors that are all networked to a sole control panel.

Nest Secure Wireless Alarm System Starter Pack – Ignore the name ‘starter pack’ because this system packs a huge punch. This neat, minimalist system is based around a central console with a keyfob style security system. While this looks like it came from an episode of Black Mirror, we find it to be minimalist and effective.

Protect America Offers 24/7 Home Security Solutions

Ultimately, home security isn’t something that should be skimped on. Beyond these basic security systems available through Home Depot, we also have full-service professional monitoring from companies like Protect America. Customers can get up to $1,400 worth of equipment when they sign up to go along with a free installation. Monthly rates start at just $30/month, so call today!