Looking for a home security system? Like most other popular DIY projects, the Home Depot has you covered! Their Ring system, exclusive to the brand, is a complete DIY home security kit that contains everything you need to see what is going on at your house when you aren’t home. The kit also provides motion detectors and sensors for your doors and windows. If you join their subscription service you can also receive monitoring and some recording and footage features. Let’s take a closer look at the best product options available at Home Depot for 2018.


Best Options for 2018 Offered at the Home Depot

The Ring system is exclusively available at Home Depot, and it is easy to see why this product is one of their best sellers. This system includes:

  • a base system that connects the entire system to your router
  • keypad control center
  • contact sensor for doors or windows
  • motion detector
  • range extender

The system can be completely integrated into your iOS or Android devices and offers a lot of great features:

  • real-time viewing from your smartphone or tablet
  • mobile alerts any time that the system is activated or the motion detectors are triggered
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • 110 dB alert system / alarm

Limitations of DIY Home Security Systems, Including those from the Home Depot

Many of the home security systems offered by the Home Depot do not include monitoring services nor do they have a recording option for you to capture surveillance footage. Security cameras are a great thing to have when you want to check in on the kids after school or make sure that the babysitter isn’t spending all of her time watching TV. But when it comes to preventing or minimizing the damage of a real event, their impact is limited.

To truly provide the protection that your home and family requires, 24-7 live monitoring is essential. Email alerts are great to let you know that the dog has gotten into the garbage again, but when the situation is more severe, you are going to want a more robust response service. If you are in an area that is experiencing a crime wave, or just want to be able to sleep more soundly at night, it is time to consider at full-service monitoring company. These providers offer full protection and can even alert the fire or police department in the event that you have an emergency situation and are not able to respond to their alerts.


Such services can also provide fully-integrated home automation services such as auto door locking and unlocking, temperature control, and turn on your lights when you are going to get home a bit late in the evening, if you are looking for a streamlined system that meets all of your needs.

Ready to Take Your Home Security System to the Next Level?

As technology advances and home security kits offer more and more features, finding the equipment to put together your own robust security system becomes more achievable, even if you aren’t the handiest of people!

However, like a lot of home improvement projects, there is only so far you can go on your own. One major feature that is missing from the systems available at the Home Depot is 24-7 monitoring services.

To enjoy this enhancement, and give your family the level of protection that they deserve, contact Protect America today for your free quote! The company has a quarter-century of providing top home security services to its customers and has received the Smart Buy designation from Consumers Digest eight times!