Have you been to the Home Depot lately? They are not the first store you think of when you hear “home security” or “residential security.” But then again, how many stores do you know of that are specifically in business to sell home security products? There are not that many. Walmart, Best Buy and a number of other big box retailers carry products in this category, but Home Depot is probably the most robust in terms of inventory.


This is because their brand competes to have what people need in the home improvement market. That market includes the need for residential security products to keep the home safe from burglars, intruders, even fires. The Home Depot carries several brands of home security products, but in this article we will focus on five particular brands and the products available on the Home Depot website. Not all products are available in every store but their website runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

“I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” – Douglas MacArthur


The Home Depot carries a line of products under the Sabre brand. This includes the Sabre Home Alarm System Wireless Model#  WP-100, available on their website. This product has decent reviews on their website but it is not a premium product by any means. It will get the job done though. It is an affordable product, at $99 retail. The features include the “Elite” home alarm system with 8 security zones, 4 operation modes, adjustable exit/entry delay/alarm duration and sensors that can be placed up to 500 feet from main control panel, according to the product description.

Doberman Security

Doberman security has a home alarm system that is sold at the Home Depot for around $120. They sell many other products at the Home Depot, particularly through the website. This wireless security system at Home Depot includes easy peel and stick installation of the product, two remote controls and slim window alarms for vulnerable windows, according to the product description. If you need help selecting a security system for your home, call Protect America for consultation on the best system for your money and for help with installation of a new security system.


Ring is much more than just a fancy doorbell company these days. They now sell their own versions of home security systems at retailers, including the Home Depot. They are a very popular and promoted brand for these retailers. Their systems include wireless systems, which they are known most for. Their wireless home alarm security kit at the Home Depot retails for around $200 and features a security system for any apartment or house, mobile alerts when your system is triggered and the ability to monitor your home from any iOS or android device, according to their product description.



Nest is another new player in this market, who develops products for smart connected homes, like Ring. This technology company is also very popular and highly promoted by retailers like the Home Depot. Their wireless security products include a secure alarm system for around $400. Nest is a more premium quality product that is available at the Home Depot. Do you plan to buy one but need help with the installation end? Call protect America for a consultation over the phone.


Tattletale is a lesser known brand and product but they offer a premium security package similar to Nest for around $460. According to the product description, you get tamper proof design with no phone lines required for operation, no false alarm triggers from pets and an included free month of 24/7 full dispatch monitoring. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.