According to FBI statistics, over 2,000,000 homes are broken into and burglarized each year- and that number only includes the homes that are reported to the police. Based on those numbers, that means that someone’s home is burglarized every 13 seconds.


Having a home security camera system in place helps to deter criminals from attempting a break in. It is also an added security of being able to monitor your home while you are away and immediately being aware of fire, high levels of carbon monoxide, and other emergencies.

The number of options available can be overwhelming if you are uninformed.  Understanding what you should be looking for in an airtight home security camera system is key. What should you look for in a solid home security system to keep your home its safest?

Top Features of a Great Home Security Camera System

Make sure your home security system includes these features:

  • Instant alerts to your mobile devices while you are away
  • Built-in sensor systems
  • Infrared or floodlights to illuminate doorway and capture clear images of suspicious individuals
  • Emergency alerts for flooding, carbon monoxide, and fire

The Home Depot offers a plethora of security camera options to help keep your home safe while you are home or away. Coordinating apps with the security camera systems that you can use on your phone and other mobile devices further allows you the flexibility of alerts to keep you abreast of any security breaches or emergencies.

Below are some of the top security camera options that you can find at The Home Depot.


Highly Rated Home Security Camera Systems

These are the top-rated home security systems according to customer reviews

  • The Nest system comes complete with two security cameras that work in or outdoor, rain or shine as the camera and all of its accessories are weatherproof. It is powered by standard electricity so you don’t need to worry about batteries. If there is activity by or inside your home, you will receive an alert on your phone and you can also talk and listen through the software- whether to alert criminals or to simply have a carrier leave your package at the door. The camera has a 130-degree wide-angle view, 8 illuminating infrared LED lights and night vision, and allows you to view the activity in 1080p HD. It can easily be self-installed with the magnetic mount. For an additional $10/month you can activate Nest aware, which sends intelligent alerts and records footage from your camera in the cloud. Each camera comes with a free trial.
  • Ring Outdoor Wi-Fi Standard Surveillance Camera comes equipped with a motion-activated floodlight, includes motion-activated alerts on your tablet and smartphone and monitor your home from any IOS, Windows or Android device and see, hear and speak to anyone that steps on your property
  • Skylink full security system includes 2 door and window sensors as well as motion sensors, an IP camera, keychain remote, power adapter and accessories for power and mounting. You can install it yourself and the system is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, SkylinkNet Alexa Skill, and you can use your voice to control the system and link to compatible smart devices so they work in sync.  There are no monthly fees and you can add up to 100 additional sensors, and up to 10 security cameras for further security.

Other Best Home Security Camera Options

Not available via Home Depot- Purchase Directly from Protect America

Protect America’s mobile home security system and coordinating app is a simple and cost-efficient home security system that is easy to use- and easy to install. Features of the Protect America system include GPS tracking, Z-wave product compatibility (Smart Home), a home security app and automation. Contact them today to learn more.